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Featured in [On The Verge] Mont-E's Verse-voice-cast

Operations Manager: Dresden Nightstone

Board Members:

Magnus Duskthorne

Axion Attonborough, CEO

John Maverick

Dresden Nightstone


Casino Maintenace:


Botanical Spa Operated by - Guild of Solista - Iskra & Adhara Vega

Location: Mother Lode - Complex.

Description: The Hotel-Casino is the pinnacle of luxury entertainment. With some lavish rooms available for rent. A full service spa for any pleasure. And gaming tables and all the last and greatest games. Owned and operated by the Famous Dresden Nightstone with other investors.

Nightstone Casino & Restaurant

The 5 star restaurant serves a wide selection of dishes from all across the verse. Including fine cuts of meats, and boasts fresh ingredients. This fully licensed restaurant also serves a selection of fine wines, martini's and ales. Now featuring desserts crafted by Sereni-Tea Treats.

RestaurantNC.jpg StageNC1.jpg



Luxury Suites

PC Residents:

Axion Attonborough

Dresden Nightstone

Magnus Duskthorne


PentbedNC.jpg Pentbath1.jpg

Luxury Rooms - 20 Available

PC Residents Rooms:




RoomNCK.jpg RoomNC1.jpgNCbathH.jpg

Guild of Solista - Garden Spa

Spa Caretaker: Guild of Solista Iskra

Solista Spa's Bar - features coffees, teas and a selection of delectable desserts from Seren-i-tea Treats. As well as a selection of unique iced fruit champagnes:


Botanical Pool

Solista Botanical Spa - Full List of Services

Nestled, among exotic flowers and plants, close your eyes and sink into this hot pool and imagine yourself in a planet paradise. The spa also includes full services such as massages, manicures & Pedicures by appointment. A Dry Sauna & Steam Room.



Axwolf.jpg - "It's always nice to get up, go to the pool, eat some food, and have somewhere to be in my own skin." Axion
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Story Teller: Kelsey Greene

Original Code by: Cali C.