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Name: Nightingale Travers

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 2, Mantle 2 (Nebula Court), Fame 1 (singer), Enchanting Performance - her singing tends to be a little too moving to be normal.

Type: Changeling (not that she advertises)

Character Type Subgroup: Fairest Nightsinger, Nebula Court

Union: Entertainer

Chartered Company: Sinister Consulting Ltd.


Nightingale seems to be no older than twenty years old, with long, dark hair and black eyes, wearing elaborate makeup in black and the dark, iridescent blues and greens of crow feathers. She usually dresses in black and silver, favoring claw rings, iridescent accents, skirts, heels, and corsetry, and with a gleaming black feathered shrug tied over her neck and shoulders. Her hair usually covers the left side of her face. Her Mien reveals that many of the delicate "makeup" markings on her face are tiny, gleaming feathers, that she has black talons in place of fingernails, and that the air around her (her Mantle) seems pleasantly warm and full of coruscating colors.


The woman who calls herself Nightingale Travers seems to have arrived on Strugni Station during the fourth month of the year 4119, as far as anyone knows. She claims to have recently left a bad contract with a rather restrictive former employer, and seems to be attempting to establish herself as an entertainer. It's clear that she at least specializes in singing, but she says she's not too proud to earn money by whatever means she can, so long as she doesn't have to beg.

She seems to have been recently entertaining at a string of upper-class parties, whether or not they happen to have been thrown by a certain Kiera Llorosa.



  • Nightingale knew Durant from some years back.
  • Nightingale is terrible with kids.
  • Nightingale lives on a shuttle or a ship most of the time.
  • Nightingale is trying to work a miracle to undo something Dom did.
  • Nightingale likes the Kiss. A lot.
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Quotes by Nightingale

  • "I just want to practice my art and live a comfortable life. Nothing extravagant, just someplace nice to rest at night, a bed that could fit at least three of me in it, a minimum of five pillows, a nice glass of wine..."
  • "There's one hard and fast rule about employing me: you cannot demand exclusivity."
  • "Thurisaz? Where?" (Every time someone has to bring them up.)

Quotes about Nightingale

  • "...I see a lot of myself in her, for good or ill. I hope that she finds her balance." - Durant
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OOC Information

OOC Inspiration


  • Blind Mag, Repo! The Genetic Opera
  • Inara Serra, "Firefly"
  • Eurydice, "Hadestown"


  • 'Hey, Little Songbird', Anaïs Mitchell ("Hadestown")
  • 'Carmen,' Lana Del Rey
  • 'Gods and Monsters', Lana Del Rey (preferably the cover by Jessica Lange)
  • 'Shampain,' MARINA
  • 'Applause,' Lady Gaga
  • 'Slow Like Honey, Fiona Apple
  • 'Hold Me Down,' Halsey
  • 'No One Knows Who I Am' ("Jekyll & Hyde: the Gothic Musical Thriller")


Player: Sophia S

Storyteller: Tyler Butler

Location: Boston, MA

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