Nihilistic 99's

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Anarch Gang

Sect: Anarch
Gang: Nihilistic 99's
Territory: Casa Grande, Az
Current Leader: Cash Black,


Gang History:

  • The 99's are the Final Incarnation of the Gang, Devastation Brigade, Which was founded back in 1812.
  • The 99's have been operating in the US since 1962, something to do with a Missle Crisis drove the membes underground.
  • The 99's ended up in Prescott, Az, around 1990.
  • The 99's are currently based out of Casa Grande, Az.

Rule of 99:

  • All are united.
  • An attack on one of the 99's is an attack on All of the 99's
  • Do onto others before they can do onto you.


  • To watch the world burn is to watch A moth become a butterfly, Entropy and destruction come to all things.


  • something something sewers.



OOC Info

This group is the work of fiction and part of the Mind's Eye Theatre.