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Commonly Known Information

Name: Niketas (a.k.a. Nicholas Murphy)

Notable Traits:

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Malkavian

Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed



1017 – December 21st – Niketas is born.

1046 – January 15th – Niketas is embraced.

1147 – Niketas is released from Accounting, leaving to follow the Second Crusade through Byzantine territory.

1346 – Niketas participates in The Great Prank. (Pending Approval)

1967 – June – Niketas, now Nicholas Murphy, arrives in San Francisco to witness the “Summer of Love”. Over the next 7 years, Niketas corrupts the Anarch leadership, staging the way for the Camarilla to retake San Francisco.

1998 – Nicholas returns to Europe for a short time to participate in the revealing of the Great Prank. (Pending Approval)

2009 – Nicholas assists in the blood magic ritual to destroy the demons existing in the realm of men. He returns to San Francisco shortly after. (Pending Approval)

2010 – In the face of the Camarilla’s new stance and position on the existence and goals of the Antediluvians, Nicholas continues to voice his beliefs regarding the coming End Times. He is Accused of Heresy, and in the face of the embarrassment, vanishes from the public eye of the Court of San Francisco.


OOC Information

Player: Bryce Barrow

Player Email:

Storyteller: Patrick Colford

Storyteller Email:

Location: | San Francisco