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Commonly Known Information

Name: Niko Koskinen

Society: Camarilla, Societatis Magus (Tremere Only)

Lineage: House Orlov

Clan: Tremere

Preferred address: Sir Koskinen

Appearance: Scarred, carries a sword and often wears a cloak.

Titles: Elder, Lord of the North Central (Tremere only)

Status: Confirmed, Establish, Privileged, Noble, Defender, Honorable, Loyal, Triumphant

Personality: Niko is a somewhat dry and business like individual, often concerned with his work and his duty. However, he does have a somewhat warmer side, enjoying conversation and trading stories.



VectornikoDevice.png 1295: Born to a Finnish region of Novgorod.

VectornikoDevice.png 1320: Ghouled in service to Yelena Orlov.

VectornikoDevice.png 100 years of service, fighting the wars of the Tremere. Leading ghouls and gargoyles in combat against the enemies of the Clan Tremere and house Orlov, and defending their territory. During this time, Niko is only partly involved in the Omen war, not being entirely centered in Transylvania, but he is involved in a number of engagements and protects Tremere holdings.

VectornikoDevice.png At the end of his time as a ghoul, and most of his first century of embrace, Sir Koskinen defended the holdings of Clan Tremere during the Anarch Revolt.

VectornikoDevice.png 1420: Embraced into Clan Tremere. Niko then spends the next decade working in chantries before being promoted to Apprentice of the 5th.

VectornikoDevice.png 1460: Secures the release of Nora Véres from a Muscovite convent. Gives her his blood, and brings her into his household as a ghoul for training.

VectornikoDevice.png 1484: Embraces Nora.

VectornikoDevice.png 1487: Accompanied Salomé St. John and Meliora as they worked to collect people endangered by the publication of the Malleus Maleficarum.

VectornikoDevice.png 1491: The Anarch Revolt ends the Convention of Thorns. Niko is not present at the signing, but has been in skirmishes and battles on an off until the closing of hostilities. Around this time, Niko is promoted to Apprentice of the 6th.

VectornikoDevice.png 1500s: Sir Koskinen spends a great deal of time in this century, packing materials for transport from Ceoris to the Prime Chantry in Vienna.

VectornikoDevice.png 1600s: Is assigned to France, protecting Tremere holding an people moving between the various chantries throughout the country. During this time, crosses paths several times with Gedrin Marshall. On one or two occasions they are on conflict, but more often working on the same goal, as both deal swiftly and severely with any hint of infernalism in their midst.

VectornikoDevice.png 1684: Embraced Jean Brisette in Paris, France.

VectornikoDevice.png 1750: While traveling in France, following the release of Jean Brisette, Niko meets Chrysanthemum and forms a working relationship with the elder Malkavian. Lacking any other allies in the area, Niko eventually forms a coterie with her.

VectornikoDevice.png 1775: Accompanies Chrysanthemum to Charleston, both to support her in her attempt to secure her holdings, and also because clan Tremere desires to spread its influence to this new world.

VectornikoDevice.png 1788: When Chrysanthemum returns to France, Niko elects to stay in the New world.

VectornikoDevice.png 1850: Niko assisted Donzella Costigan with her work in Charleston for several years, before finally taking his leave of the city. He spent much of his free time trying to acclimate to the morphing culture of the New World, and the onrushing Industrial Revolution. Eventually Niko leaves Charleston and travels north, where the weather is more to his liking.

VectornikoDevice.png 1890: Worked with Sala Michnik to eliminate an infernalist in Pennsylvania

VectornikoDevice.png 1900: Moves west, eventually coming to Des Moines, Iowa. A developing town in a new territory.

VectornikoDevice.png 1910: Construction begins on the Des Moines chantry with Niko as highest apprentice under Regent Övé Háskell. The laying of the foundation corresponds with the visit of Halley's comet.

VectornikoDevice.png 1911: Niko assumes control and regency of the newly formed Des Moines chantry, being promoted from Apprentice to Regent of the 1st.

VectornikoDevice.png 1912: Ethel Rhodes is assigned to the Des Moines chantry under Regent Koskinen for training and work.

VectornikoDevice.png 1914: Amis Ward Harlow comes as a guest lecturer to Des Moines, imparting interesting information about a number of topics.

VectornikoDevice.png 1920: Apprentice Rhodes is torpored after a conflict with a rogue apprentice. After her recovery, she is reassigned to a new posting.

VectornikoDevice.png 1985: Regent Koskinen works with Alexander Valois during the latters apprenticeship in the Des Moines chantry.

VectornikoDevice.png 1995: Sir Koskinen assists kindred of Seattle in bringing to heel a group of Tremere who had gone against the edicts of the clan, and pursued forbidden experimentation. It was then that he met Meg Sloan.

VectornikoDevice.png 2009: Koskinen maintained his staunch opposition to The Adversary, taking part in the Tremere Ritual to weaken the Infernal.

VectornikoDevice.png 2017: Thanks to a reference from Meg, Sir Koskinen is called upon by Sheriff 93 of Olympia, to discover the condition of some missing Tremere. Sir Koskinen led Tremere from Des Moines to find the missing Warlocks, and secure their holdings.

VectornikoDevice.png February 2018: Sir Koskinen has no idea what happened to Harpy Keliber's bears. The Omaha kindred brought some while visiting Des Moines, and they were stolen by unknown parties.

VectornikoDevice.png March 2018: Harpy Moses Means attempted to censure Sir Koskinen and two other elders for not speaking with Primogen Maris Bell while visiting Kansas City, as she had been made Primogen for the Clans without a voice. This was ineffective.

VectornikoDevice.png April 2018: Clan Tremere is attacked by Sabbat members of the Unblind Brotherhood. Holdings of clan Tremere are severely damaged, but all the warlocks survive the attack, capturing and later executing one of the Unblind Brothers with the sanction of Blood Hunt.

VectornikoDevice.png August 2018: Koskinen leads a war party, including most of Des Moines able bodied Camarilla, and visiting Camarilla from Omaha and Kansas City, to destroy three more Elders of the Unblind Brotherhood, finally destroying the party that attacked his chantry.

VectornikoDevice.png January 2019: An assault party of hunters is repelled from another chantry by Koskinen, his cousin and childe.

VectornikoDevice.png February 2019: Koskinen spends a month in Kansas City, rooting out Bahli stashes and hunting lesser infernalists with Maris Bell

VectornikoDevice.png March 2019: Hunster attack the Chantry of Des Moines, but are repelled and killed by the Tremere.

VectornikoDevice.png April 2019: Koskinens Cousin, Stuart, is betrayed by clanmates and led to his death. One of the Des Moines apprentices fails to report after, and is considered in dereliction of duty.

VectornikoDevice.png July 2019: A decision is made by the Kindred of Des Moines to abandon the city to the ever growing number of hunters. Koskinen relocated his command.

VectornikoDevice.png January 2020: Koskinen is Promoted to Lord, commanding the North Central Region of the United States.



VectornikoDevice.png Niko is a skilled swordsman, of remarkable caliber.
VectornikoDevice.png Elder Koskinen adheres to the old ways of chivalry, having ready at all times his horses, weapons, page, and squire.
VectornikoDevice.png Sir Koskinen's page is named Paige. He interpreted her name as a specific desire for the job.
VectornikoDevice.png Niko lept to the defense of harpy Nathaniel West when disreputable kindred elements attempts to murder him in full view of a gathering.

  • There is rumor that West was in fact a traitor, a fleshcrafted copy, a sabbat infiltrator, or an infernalist. None have been confirmed, and West has not been seen in a year.

VectornikoDevice.png Niko is not as old as he says, he's actually quite young and hip. He's thinking about learning to play guitar, and starting a band called "Niko and the Tremmies".

  • Or maybe that is his new Charlies Angels clone TV Pilot.

VectornikoDevice.png Niko is a devoted adherent of Huntokar the Destroyer.
VectornikoDevice.png Elder Koskinen is being trained in "The Google technique" by knowledgeable members of the court.

Google Page.jpg

VectornikoDevice.png Niko has used boons and guile to learn an array of uncommon and even rare abilities. I heard that he even looks for holders or rare disciplines he can get boons on in order to add to his collection. And he is not shy about how he gets those boons.
VectornikoDevice.png Niko is updating his image for the 21st century. One must blend in to stay ahead of the hunters.

  • He has joined the "Brotherhood of Technology"
    • "Yes. I am working in the Information Technology area. I assert that I am Elite, and hack many computers."
    • "I wear a polo shirt. See? It has the Heraldry of the Polo company. Fieldless, A polo player Azure."

VectornikoDevice.png Despite the offers from Krieger Sauer, Elder Koskinen has no need of an Anger Translator.
VectornikoDevice.png With the help of Clan Tremere researchers, Sir Koskinen has found a way to defeat the demon Shedym, that has been plaguing the great lakes. But why has he not already executed the plan?


By Him

VectornikoDevice.png "Squire, my bill hook!" - Niko, preparing for an engagement.
VectornikoDevice.png "To be fair to that baker, it took more than one sword." - Niko says, deadpan about an Infernalist baker.
VectornikoDevice.png "BURN HERETIC!" - Sir Koskinen, holding down and boiling an enemy kindred.
VectornikoDevice.png "My Lord, I am pleased to report that the remaining members of the Unblind Brotherhood have been put to the sword." - HR Koskinen, filing a report.
VectornikoDevice.png "Whatever is the opposite of 'Woke', that is what I am." - Niko when current and future anarchs were talking about being 'being woke.'
VectornikoDevice.png "I reject the assertion that 'who is in charge doesn't matter'. That is the entire point of this endeavor, to see who will lead. The ancient monster we swore to, or the ancient monster we didn't." VectornikoDevice.png
"Well... that was dramatic."

About Him

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VectornikoDevice.png "A shrewd mind, and a wit as sharp as his blade make the man you see before you." - Övé Háskell
VectornikoDevice.png "Amusing, and charming. I cannot believe I had forgotten him - an error of time which will not be repeated.." - Channon
VectornikoDevice.png "I do not trust him. I cannot trust him and yet, I am tempted." - Nate Solomon
VectornikoDevice.png "Look. I know I gave you his number, and I know I told you to contact him, but there's something else you should know. He's a knight. Like an honest to God, he think's he's Sir Lancelot knight." - Meg Sloan
VectornikoDevice.png "Do not be fooled by the blade that rests at his hip. His mind is the sharpest blade, and one you dare not cross." - Salomé St. John
VectornikoDevice.png "Quite the pleasant travelling companion. The lessons he imparted will not soon be forgotten." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
VectornikoDevice.png "Oh God... please just stop. I'm begging you." - Paige the page, as she watches Niko attempt to imitate a Tech Bro.
VectornikoDevice.png "Your quote here." - Your name here.




VectornikoDevice.png Elena Orlov, Nikos Sire
VectornikoDevice.png Nora Véres, Nikos Childe
VectornikoDevice.png Meliora, of house Saharat
VectornikoDevice.png Övé Háskell, of house Saharat
VectornikoDevice.png Erasmus Laskaris
VectornikoDevice.png Gregoire Merovech, Nosferatu Primogen of Des Moines
VectornikoDevice.png Chrysanthemum Locke, Elder Malkavian
VectornikoDevice.png Devlin Archer, Primogen of Omaha
VectornikoDevice.png Augustin de Aragón Head of House Aragón

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VectornikoDevice.png* Ghotail the Pure

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