Nikolas Lazarovici

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Nikolas Lazarovici

Clan: Carpathian (Tzimisce)
Lineage: Unknown
Sect: Unaligned
Class: Master Elder
Titles: Lord of Cloudland
Player: Ryan O.
VST: Sam G.
DC: Miranda H.


Description and Notable Traits

* Eerie Presence (Sense of the Primordial Darkness)
* Apparent Age: 35
* Bald
* Dark Beard
* Average Height

History: Timeline

1160: Born to a Revenant family in Romania, serving Marika Lazarovici. (Tzimisce/Carpathian Lore)
1220: Embraced by his sire after he nearly dies, trying to protect her from vampire and lupine attacks, when their enemies used the cover of the Teutonic Order and Cumin battle to strike at them. (Tzimisce/Carpathian Lore)
1220 - 1340: Under Accounting to Marika. (Tzimisce/Carpathian Lore)
1220 - 1391: Participated in the Omen War.
1273: Visits the Cathedral of Flesh once, while under Accounting. It unnerves him greatly, and he never returns. (Tzimisce/Carpathian Lore)
1317: Visits Sernog Monastary once, with his sire, to pay respect. (Tzimisce/Carpathian Lore)
1391 - 1493: The Anarch Revolt (the portion taking place in Romania).
1454: Marika is killed and Diablerized by the Anarchs when her haven is breached. Nikolas slays her murderer.
1454: Assumes control of Marika's estate upon her death.
1454 - 2009: WIDE OPEN FOR PC TIES
1500s: Met Ilythia L'ange Du Val in France.
2004: Joins the Camarilla after he sees the Assamites elevated to Pillar Clan status in it.
2009: Leaves Romania after the Global Economic Collapse, along with many other Carpathians. Relocates to a small town on the Georgia/Alabama border, Cloudland, GA, where he can assume a lifestyle as similar to the one he has been accustomed to as possible in this day and age.
January 2019: Declares Praxis of NW Georgia (North of Rome, up to the Tennessee border). Confirmed as Prince by the Camarilla residents of the area.
August 2019: Leaves the Camarilla, becoming Unaligned once more.
October 2019: Returns from travels abroad and is no longer on a Path of Enlightenment.

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Golden Jackal.jpg


Great Great Grandsire: ?
Great Grandsire: ?
Grandsire: ?
Sire: Marika (NPC)
Childer: ?
Broodmates: ?
Childe: ?

Allies & Enemies


* Ailis Cárthach
* Archie
* Billie Grinder
* Cattaveria Salvatore
* Pieter Solodovnikov
* Tsinna
* Amalfrida




* Has taken on the form of both a Eurasian Eagle-Owl, and a Golden Jackal before.
* Nothing happens in his Domain without him knowing about it.
* Something seems... off, about the people that live in Cloudland. They seem very superstitious and wary of strangers. Moreso than most small towns, strangers get the feeling that they aren't welcome to stay for very long.
* Is actually in the Sabbat.
* Is in the Russian Mafia.
* He lacks the ability to laugh, or possess a sense of humor.


About Nikolas


By Nikolas


Character Inspirations

* The Barons from Into the Badlands
* The Strangers from Dark City
* Father from Equilibrium
* President Coriolanus Snow from The Hunger Games
* The Elders from The Village
* Jeor Mormont from Game of Thrones
* Dracula and Dorian Gray from Penny Dreadful
* Lex Luthor from Smallville