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Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Nitya Nataraja

Notable Traits: She has Personal Masquerade and a “Normal” Humanity level, so she appears rather more alive than is typical of many Kindred.

Titles: Guardian of Sacred Spaces

Sect: Independent Alliance

Clan: Followers of Set

Lineage: Pog An Nathair

Generation: 9th (Ancilla)

Sire: Marko

Childer: Menelik (NPC)

Broodmates: ???

Appearance: Nitya is of Indian heritage and appears around 19 or 20 years of age. She stands at five feet tall and is slight of build, with brown skin, brown eyes, and straight black hair down to her waist. At Triumvirate gatherings, she is most often wearing a simple-but-romantic white blouse with mid-length sleeves, blue jean capris, black ballet flats or brown sandals, and a small exotic-looking cloth purse. She always has an antique brass Set pendant on her neck and an old metal snake-shaped ring on her left pinky. She moves with light, nimble gestures.

Nitya Nataraja holding a boon book from when she was Virago, as drawn by her player Mary Grace Mauney

Common Knowledge:

- Marko the Virago was her sire, the former Doyen Siofra is her grandsire, Johnny Black her great-grandchilde (Marko and Johnny are now deceased, Siofra has left)

- The new Setite Doyen, Ysrael Adderstone, is the broodmaste of Siofra, making them of the same lineage

- She was Embraced in 1520 and originates from India

- While she admits to the standard Setite beliefs of the world being a prison that must be broken out of and in their Antediluvian being a genuine god, she often seems embarrassed, almost apologetic about it when asked (“I know you'll think this is insane, but...” “Promise not to laugh at me for this, but...”)

- She seems non-judgmental about the non-Setite beliefs of others, and interested in learning more about their perspectives

- She is very inquisitive (though politely so) about others in general, namely the natures of the different clans and sects (“Can Gangrel really turn into any animal?”)

- She claims not to have had the opportunity to interact with other Kindred much beyond her fellow Setites before now, and finds it overwhelming but also exciting and exotic

- She does not consider the Setites to be “Kindred”

- She has a pet cobra which she has ghouled, though keeps it at home

- While she never contradicts or even interrupts her sire, she does often check on those unfortunate Kindred upon whom he unleashes a tirade, usually offering words of comfort and assurances that he's like that with everyone and it's nothing personal against them, and generally asking if they're alright

- She has claimed to find positive commonalities between the Setites with Toreadors and Anarchs, citing a shared appreciation of pleasure and freedom. She has also stated an admiration for how the Giovanni value their family, since she says she considers her lineage to be her own family.

- Gel-based desserts like Turkish delight and Gummi bears are the few foods she still takes any enjoyment in

- Despite obviously being on Humanity herself, she displays no discomfort around those who clearly are not


- She's faking, no Setite can be that innocent

- Sure she is, she's just under her sire's thumb

- She's a Tremere sleeper that dominated her "Setite sire" into believing she was his childe.

- He's not really her sire, and she's not really a Setite. Not by blood, anyway. She's a Toreador who converted into their clan.

- The Baron Genevieve Bon Vivant has it out for her since the first July night of 2017, wherein Nitya was one of the Elysium guardians who ruled against her in a dispute involving Nitya's sire, Marko

- She was Embraced much more recently than she claims

- She has had congress with Sobek

-She CLAIMS to have had congress with Sobek

-She is a captive slave to her fellow Setites, forced into their service because they hold her heart or have her Blood-Bound

-A Baali (or Tremere, or Salubri, depending who you talk to) once attempted Diablerie on her and she escaped by means unknown

-A Baali succeeded in Diablerie upon her yet she still lives by means unknown, perhaps through the Setite heart sorcery, perhaps because Setites having no souls anyway/their souls already belong to Set

- She disdains Maatkare the Beloved out of jealousy, but none disgusts her more than Keminitri

- She has posed as a prostitute within the very slave rings that she and her fellow Setites were running, so as to control rebellion from within and to evade punishment when authorities discovered it

- She actually was a prostitute in a Setite slave ring, which is how she came to be Embraced

- Despite a difference in physical age and ethnic heritage, she looks strikingly like Neferu

- She is clearly on Humanity now, but she was ONCE on a Path, probably Ecstasy

- Path of Ecstasy? Are you kidding? She's more abstinent than the average Kindred, let alone for a Setite

- She was a dancing girl in India

- Her sire Marko will murder you if you touch her

- No, he'll murder HER if you touch her

Wanna say a thing?

"The more vibrant the viper, the more potent the venom," -Ysrael Adderstone

"ur quote" - ur name

Player Bio

Player: Mary Grace Mauney

Player Email:

Coordinator: George Galang

Coordinator Email:

Location: Atlanta, GA