Nizhoni Ward

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Nizhoni Ward, aka "Trade Secrets"
Notable Traits: Grey hair, that extends even to her wolf's coat, wears glasses, loves wearing butterflies.
Society: Concordat of Stars
Tribe: Utkena
Auspice: Theurge
Titles & Rank Master of the Rite, Fostern
Pack & Sept Cold War (Pack), UnNamed at this Time

The Pack: Cold War


The Circle: Contacts/Friends/Tribal Family

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  • 1981 - Nizhoni Ward is born on December 2nd, under the Crescent Moon. When she reaches her pre-teens, she is started to be given education in tribal generalities in hopes that she shifts to join the garou as her mother and grandmother had before her. It does not come to pass when the tribe expects.
  • 2000 - Nizhoni starts the long training of a medical doctor after it is established by the local Utkena that it is unlikely she will shift this late in life. To provide resources back to the family, she starts the process to become an obstetrician. She attends University of Iowa, which is approximately 2 hours away from the caern and her family.
  • 2002 - She meets "Rusty" quite by accident. Nizhoni tended his wounds from a shooting and did not ask any questions. It established her a little in the underground/illegal circles as someone who could be trusted if one was in a scrape.
  • 2010 - While Nizhoni is finishing up medical school and all her internships to return to the family area, Caern of Traveler’s Rest falls; wipes out a majority of Nizhoni’s family and tribal relations from the local area. There may be some kinfolk out there, she is still trying to find them.
  • 2012 - Meets Vasiliy and Iakov again, assisting to attend Fera shifters after they had gotten into a scrape. No questions asked…. Well maybe one about why someone would give another fera THAT many tranquilizers..but the answer was never very clear.
  • 2013 - First Change: Ends up relying on Vasiliy and Iakov for some assistance until she is able to find a tribal mentor to teach her what she was missing in the gaps of her training.
  • 2014 - Cold War (pack) was formed. Nizhoni is fairly certain Vasiliy and Iakov were worried they would lose their favorite medical professional/referee if the pack didn’t form. However, she appreciated it as it assisted with her recovery and adaptation to being a garou, having pack support where her family support was gone.
  • 2017 (February) - Year the character joined their current Sept, such as it is. There isn't a caern as of yet, but currently Nizhoni is working as the leader of the Theurges that choose to stay in the Des Moines area to work on cleaning up the mess.


  • Add a Rumor
  • Nizhoni's family was part of the Dark Brigade siege in Des Moines, Iowa in 2010.
    • She was not present in Des Moines during the siege, which is probably why she's still alive.
  • Nizhoni likes to play strategy style video games like Fire Emblem to relax.
    • She also stereotypically also likes to read books, the older the better and more filled with SECRETS!
  • Nizhoni is also a HUGE fan of WWE Superstar "The Firestorm" Aidan Storm.
    • It's probably the hair. Or maybe it's because she tends to get along well with "Fiana types". It's probably the hair.
  • Nizhoni does not eat pork, ever.
    • It might have to do with something her Grandfather said once, but since he's dead, who's to know?
  • Nizhoni speaks several languages; which often finds her with a nose stuck in a book.
  • The current matters on her desk are: Finding a Fetish to help with ZORT!; figuring out just how to make a pigeon messenger system work with spirits; what exactly has eyes, a voice and lives in the gauntlet....
  • The BSD have offered to give Nizhoni information about the banes her family was tending.
  • Nizhoni loves, loves, loves Butterflies, especially Monarch Butterflies.
    • Weirdly, she is not a fan of insect spirits. Something about them being too alien even for experts.


  • "Twenty years ago, there was an entry that said that you could get stuck in the Gauntlet. I don't know how fictional that account was. I haven't heard anyone actually doing it, personally and the book is over 20 years old." -- Nizhoni to a group of concerned Fera.
  • "You are weird. How do you know I'm not a serial killer?" --Nizhoni to Mountain Shadow about not asking questions.
  • "ZORT!" --Nizhoni demonstrating how Fetishes could hypothetically be activated to other pack members.
  • "Have you played Fire Emblem?" -- Nizhoni to Mountain Shadow,
    • who in turn asked, "Is that like the Flyting-game at moots? I've not heard of them."
  • “Dreams are two things. One, sometimes it’s a force trying to tell you something directly. I blame this on spirits mostly. They are trying to tell you something but a lot of time, Spirits don’t speak English. So it gets jumbled up. Ancestor spirits are NOTORIOUS for this sort of thing. They THINK you can understand them. However, they forget that what they spoke a million years ago is not modern English. Also, what is important to them then, and even now as a spirit are not necessarily the first thing on you, the receiver’s mind.”
    • “The second thing is your own mind is trying to point out something that is wrong or off or interesting. It can be as simple as that you left your car keys in the wrong place to you having seen something important but your mind is just now taking a moment to process it. “
    • “Regardless, something is trying to tell you something.. the issue really is, it’s not necessarily important to you.. yet.”