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The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self.
– Dalai Lama

Isharu1.png Noahbauerwikibasics.jpg

  • Name: Noah Bauer
  • Clan: Malkavian
  • Society: Camarilla


  • Observant, intellectual, curious, a mediator.


  • Acknowledged in the Domain of Dallas
  • Honorable by The Archivist

Physical Description: Noah Bauer appears as a modern, professional young woman of average height and stature. She tends to dress in dark colors, typical of a gallery or museum curator: modestly fashionable, but unwilling to stand out over the pieces in the room. She speaks with the typical American West Coast accent, though she is most assuredly educated, and can easily switch to a variety of foreign tongues, with proper accents.

History: Noah was born in south Texas, the daughter of a German surgeon who went on to die in the Texas War of Independence. To escape the aftermath, her family decided to pick up and head to California for the Gold Rush. While on the trail she became deathly ill, and had dreams or visions of past lives that a journalist would later hear of and publish. These articles attracted a sire, who Embraced her in San Francisco to line of Isharu.

Since then, she's built up a reputation as an artifacts and antiquities dealer, and has been in Dallas since 2009.


  • 1862: Embraced in San Francisco, CA and taken to Boston by her sire
  • 1867: Released from the Accounting in Boston, MA
  • 1918: Travels Europe in search of artifacts for her collection
  • 1938: Returns to San Francisco, CA and sets herself up in the antiquities trade
  • 2009: Arrives and is Acknowledged in Dallas, TX
  • 2017 (November): Is elevated to Seneschal of Dallas when David Starnes seizes Praxis.
  • 2018 (February): Steps down from Seneschal to David Starnes when her clan withdraws their support, and in the same night is made Seneschal again by Adrien Reynard when he seizes Praxis.
  • 2018 (July & August): Following the death of Prince Adrien Reynard, she takes on the mantle of Prince Pro Tempore, until the (very brief) Praxis of Gedrin Marshall.
  • 2018: Noah takes a hiatus from political life, preferring to focus on her antiquities business.


  • She makes friends of Anarchs, Caitiff, and I.A. trash!
  • Most of the city is quietly indebted to her.
  • More than one elder has paid her enormous amounts of boons for one of her artifacts.


  • J'ai été ravi de constater qu'après quelques mois, elle avait montré sa capacité à marcher sur les projecteurs après tant d'années obscures. Peut-être apparaîtra-t-il comme un diamant à la fin. Ou il échouera et sera simplement mis de côté comme tant d'autres. - Emile Bouchard
  • Anyone so quiet yet favored by Elder Pascoal has my attention. If you're smart, she will have yours as well. - Adrien Reynard
  • Her wisdom is undeniable. May God continue to bless her and her endeavors. That is my deepest prayer for her: success. - Enzo DuBois
  • Noah seems nice. Haven't had the pleasure to speak much, but I like that I'm not obligated to with her. - Samuel Jones
  • Este tem o meu favor. Se você deve perguntar por que, você não é maduro o suficiente para esse conhecimento. - Pascoal Mancio
  • Vou dizer novamente, uma última vez. Ouça bem. Ela é minha preferida (Favored). Para problemas Este é pedir que eu incomodá-lo em espécie. - Pascoal Mancio
  • "Det er leksjoner i stille kontemplasjon. Hun forstår dette bedre enn de fleste. Kanskje, hun vil hjelpe med å lede prinsen sin langs den riktige banen." - Olaf
  • "This one brings an ominous gift. To give Ms. Collins, of all possible Kindred, a collection of ash.... It speaks volumes to the Harpy's composure that the ashes of the Dallas Elysium could be accepted with this grace. What a curious Keeper." - Gabriel
  • “One to Watch… If you can keep up with her”Æthered Flametouched
  • "A time to defend and a time to attack, Madame Seneschal. - Ezra of the Vanguard
  • You play very conservatively. It tells the elder much about you. - Charles Blaine
  • She has always been a rather interesting sort of person. I have seen her battle. I would not want to be the enemy. - Anonymous

Domain: Dallas
Player: Casey O.
VST: Nolan Dean