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Known Information


Name: Nora Véres
Name Pronunciation: NO-rah Vehr-ash
Lineage: House Orlov
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Status: Ancilla


Nora has blond hair and blue eyes. She dresses in chiffon gowns and her hair is usually elegantly coiffed… unless she’s been busy actually working, in which case they might be bloody or torn a bit.


Nora is very cynical and sarcastic, but that may have started as a cover to hide her wonder at what vampires can do. After enough time cleaning up after some of the worst excesses of vampires, the cynicism is firmly entrenched and few would blame her. She has no problem getting her fancy dresses bloody in her job… and sometimes she just doesn't notice the bloody hem before coming to court. Let the Elders create Symbels for the other Ancilla and Neonates to chase after, Nora’d rather sit with her cross stitch (usually curse words or snarky sayings decorated with flowers or similar) and wait for them to ask for help. And crossing the line of the Masquerade too often might mean she sees you as the problem to “clean up.”


Known History


1442 - Nora is born.
1460 - Sent to convent by her mortal father.
1460 - Rescued by sire, Niko Koskinen, and brought into his household as a ghoul.
1484 - Embraced.
1486 - The Camarilla is formed.
1741 - Sent with her aunt Mayra to America. They settle in Boston.
1776 - American Revolution. Nora does all she can to not pick a side, not seeing it as a business for kindred.
1820 - Mayra dies.
1840 - Called back home to Russia by Elena.
1855 - Nora returns to Boston.
1860 - American Civil War. Nora does what she can to stay out of it. War does not interest her.
1873 - Nora becomes harpy of Boston. Who thought that was a good idea?
1890 - Nora is removed as Harpy, even though most of the kindred of the city support her seeking evidence and honesty before publishing a harpy report with dangerous rumors.
1974 - Enters Torpor.
1984 - Ends Torpor.
1999-2009 - Nora loses most of her childer in the Nights of Turmoil. She tends to hold tightly to her grandchilder and other descendents who remain.


NoraVRope.png Nora has a ghoul just for taking care of the mess she makes of her clothes.
NoraVRope.png Nora has perfected living by the saying “Don’t get mad, get even.”
NoraVRope.png I’ve heard Nora’s occasionally seen in Boston’s kink scene.
NoraVRope.png Her willingness to serve as scourge of Boston may hide something darker, just beneath the surface..


From Her

NoraVRope.png “It’s Vehr-ash, not Ver-esh. Both are Hungarian, but placing the accent mark over the correct 'E' makes a lot of difference. And please do not try that Americanized Ver-ess, or I’ll teach you what the Hungarian versions mean.”

About Her

NoraVRope.png “Something stirs deep beneath those placid waters. I’m very pleased to have done work with her in the past, and one of these days, I'll get to see her do the thing at which she’s best.”Ambrose Quincy Goddard
NoraVRope.png "Ms. Veres has been... most charitable in offering to teach me, and most patient. She's shown me a generosity I admit I've been surprised by, and I count myself fortunate to have been allowed to study under her." - Sibylla Kerczechov



NoraVRope.png Niko Koskinen
NoraVRope.png Ambrose Goddard
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Known Associates

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Yeah, no. They’re not going to show up on a list until they’ve been taken care of.


OOC Information


Icon For Hire (the song lyrics on every picture on this page come from their songs)

Player Info

Ties: Nora is open for ties. I'd especially like ties with people she might have worked for or with, and women who she can have unrequited crushes on.
Player: Rhys O.
MES Number: US2012100158
Location: Boston, MA
Storyteller: Boston VST