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Physical Description

Noriz still dresses in ancient garb, wearing a bear skin cloak and platemail as symbols of the legions he once commanded. He is a hulking man in both height and muscular weight, with strong Eastern European features, long wavy black hair and a salt-and-pepper beard and mustache.

Brief History

Once, a very long time ago, Noriz was a Moldovan prince whose excellence in scholarly and martial pursuits attracted the attention of his Sire. Noriz outstripped Njavakhi soon enough, and came to not only claim all of Moldova as Voivodeship, but to ally with Damek Ruthven and Valeska to become the first among equals of the Clan as a whole. Under their leadership, the Tzimisce prospered after the fall of Rome, and Noriz continued toward the goal of ascendance to the most powerful creature of the Carpathians. To this end, he sired legions of childer who were instructed to consume the souls of as many vampires as possible, and was known to encourage infighting among his brood in order to weed out the weak. Noriz’s weakest childer became his tools; his strongest childer became his enemies, who improved his own martial skills. Forging them in the fires of political conflict, he prepared himself and his legion of blood bound childer to engage in the greatest of all struggles. Noriz fell to decadence and dissipation, content to feast on the honor owed him as an elder Prince of the blood and tales of his past glories—and discovered the hard way that past glories availed him little in the face of a new foe. During the Anarch Revolt rumors of his death began to circulate, but whether wounded in the Revolt or exhausted under the weight of centuries, the Tzimisce learned that Noriz had only fallen into torpor when he rose after the Week of Nightmares, slaughtered his way to the throne of Tiraspol, and declared all Sects unwelcome within his Domain.

Current Status

Noriz rules Tiraspol with a brutal tyranny most vampires in modern nights are unprepared to deal with. Though he is obsessed with controlling his territory, in modern night he has reached out to his childer and old allies though his true intent is unknown.

Known Childer


Lineage Criteria

Time Frame for Embraces: 45 CE to 1500 CE. Requirements:

  • PC Sects/Factions: Any, except Sabbat
  • Path: Any, Power and the Inner Voice and Chivalry are not unheard of.
  • Skills: Any one of the following at 3+: Athletics, Brawl, Leadership, or Melee
  • Flaw: Childer detest the modern Tzimisce. Flaw Intolerance: Tzimisce.


  • Backgrounds: Any two of the following at 3+: Herd, Influences, Resources, or Retainers
  • Backgrounds: Herd, Influences, Resources, or Retainers
  • Special: Noriz childer would be expected to claim and keep Voivode of a sizeable territory.


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