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Commonly Known Information

Name: Nova

Notable Traits: Striking Looks - Heterochromia (right eye brown, left eye blue), married to Axion Attonborough

Type: Mage

Path: Thyrsus

Order: Talon

Union: N/A

Chartered Company: None


"What can I say? I don't like working for 'The Man.' If you get caught up, they can track you. I don't want to be tracked. You want something done? Under the table maybe, Sugar? I'm your girl. I can get it all." - Nova

"Not much is really known about Nova's past. She's a Will-worker and she's always on the move. Nova may be small but she's fast and strong, relying on hand-to-hand combat to get her out of a pinch or to settle disputes. She's strikingly gorgeous, but don't let her pretty face fool you, she's smart. Sometimes too smart and a sarcastic mouth, always getting herself into trouble. Above all though, when you're her friend and trusted ally, she's there to help you out, no matter what you've done. She doesn't even ask."

  • " Iskra's Sister, co-worker and neighbour. Could not ask for better or more pleasant company. Is much pleased for Axion. " - Iskra
  • "Seems lovely, and makes Axion smile, which is a bigger plus in my book. I think she and I will get along just fine!" - Ehroth
  • "There is an inner fire that burns as her namesake. This is one woman I wouldn't want to cross. Have you ever seen a space slug? I came so close to a great floor show.- Alek Hawthorne
  • She posses 7 of the 10 discussed qualities needed to suitably mate with Axion. I would not mind her taking a hand in training my brother either. - Tristan Katharos
  • "Poor breeding, poor education, poor self-control. It seems House Katharos overestimated the Brae." - Evander Katharos
  • "Her bark is better than her bite. I look forward to seeing her final form." - Magnus Duskthorne
  • "My dear daughter. So much has separated us, that ends now. You'll always have a dragon when you need one." - Ehroth.


  • Her eye's a different color because when she Awakened, her soul split in two, one side staring into the Abyss. It marked her.
  • She's in debt to someone...has to be that Werewolf.
  • She's really a cat who used to belong to a mage named Nova and carrying on the Craft Name and life magic granted her human form. Claws. Just saying.
  • I hear she wants children...
  • She hasn't been seen on the Wayfinder in days.
  • Rumor here.


Help me make the most of freedom / And of pleasure / Nothing ever lasts forever
We'll never get free Lamb to the slaughter / What you gon' do When there's blood in the water / The price of your greed Is your son and your daughter
Forgotten prison, it's been safe until now / It's no wonder why we did it this way / Keep looking forward on paths sideways / It's everything that is connected and beautiful / Now I know just where I stand

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Player: Monika Lynn Bailey

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