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Nowandthen is a Corvid Corax who was bitten by the bug of human interaction (no, he's not a Bitten), and found a love of stereotypical private investigators. As such, N&T always wears a trenchcoat when in human form, as well as a hat when he hasn't lost it.

N&T appears to be in his late 50s/early 60s,which contributes to his general Columbo/Harry McGraw demeanor. N&T tries to be hard-boiled, but fails at it completely since he just enjoys life too much.

He loves American idioms, but every time he tries to use them he ends up screwing up at least partially.

Aliases: Nowandthen, Nat

Corax, Corvid, Ragabash

Location: NYC
Accomplices: The "Three-Eyes"



Player: Shawn Roberts
ST: John C
Domain: NY-004-D
Coordinator: Ephraim G



From him:

  • "That's the way the cookie falls apart when you bite into it leaving lots of little crumbs on the bed which lead to ants."

About him: