Nox Aurum

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This page reflects a character who is dead

“Nox Aurum”

"Sometimes pain is the most beautiful form of art..."

Pages in the book of time...

"Pictures Tell a Thousand Words..."
Concept: Private investigator of the Dark Muse

Name: Nox Aurum

Known Aliases:

Clan: Toreador

Sect: Camarilla

Social Class: Ancilla

Generation: Tenth

Embraced: October 1, 2001 AD

Public Timeline:

A Pillar of Society

Abiding Status: 5

  • Acknowledged and Confirmed as an Ancilla of the Camarilla
  • Guardian, Noble, and Prominent as Harpy of Manhattan, Kansas

Fleeting Status: 0

  • Pending by To Be Determined


  • Harpy, Of Manhattan, Kansas

Current Location: Manhattan, KS


Apparent Age: 23

Appearance and Manner:

Notable Traits:

Blood Runs Deep...

Strands of the Web

Sire: Adrien Reynard

Brood Mates:

  • To Be Determined

Connections of Blood


Childer of Note:

  • To Be Determined

Grandchilder of Note:

  • To Be Determined

Words whispered in the darkest corners


("What do they say about Nox on page 6?")

  • Insert rumor here.


  • "Stuff" - You

Clients, Rivals, and Allies

Allies, Acquaintances, and Enemies

"Nox has flitted about society, seeking his next subject..." (Have you met Nox?)

  • Name - descriptive text.

OOC Information

Christopher Beck

Cam Number: US2007111370
Home Domain: Manhattan, KS
Email: Chris
ST Email: Manhattan, KS Masquerade VST

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