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To hurt you is to be despised

Born in the last ages of the of the Roman Empire, Numerius Villius Cursor, was destined for embrace into the infamous and powerful Amatus Legacy of the Followers of Set. Gangster royalty, social assassin, or even a necessary evil, Numerius has spent lifetimes becoming essentially connected to civilized Vampire society that does not want his Clan about.

Clan: Follower of Set

Social Class: Elder

Society: Legacy of Amatus

Sect: Independent Alliance

Position: Internal

Area: Burning Waters

If there is discretion you have not abandoned, now is the time.

Cherished Treasured Adored Numerius' Beloved Serapion's Beloved

Asphyxiate on words I would say

Quotes by or about Numerius

  • "I will never overlook this gift of immortality or the responsibility that comes with it." - N. Villius Cursor
  • "Numerius has a knack for being in the right place at the right time with a solution to your issue. Caution is prudent with this sort of useful individual." - Francesca Giovanni
  • "Numerius possesses a kind of luminescent charm that is both rare and treasured. I count myself incredibly fortunate to have his regard." - Djeserit al Malik
  • "I learned half of what I know from this guy. The other half? Well, fuck that half. Numerius is a wicked pisser." - Paddy Murphy
  • "One of my allies. Fuck with him ... fuck with me." - Jean Pierre Dunsirn
  • "A thought game: Which is worse? To not be able to look the serpent in the eyes, or to not be able to look anywhere else? God help me, I thought I was free of him." - Phaedra de Chalons
  • "Если вы согреете замороженную змею, это будет первым, кто вас укусит." - Yana Teplova
  • "My teacher's regard for my purpose is without equal. He is the Avatar of Set." - Jaxon
  • "It is no accident that when you look at him you think of twisted sheets, a slithering tongue, and the sweet juice of carnal fruit. He wants you to believe only your body will be ruined after a night with him. Be careful if he spares you a moment. You will carry it with you for an eternity." - Irma Kardos
  • "I have heard this one speak to my sire, he will find that we are not so weak willed to fall for his schemes and wiles." - David
  • "While our gods may not see eye to eye on all subjects, I find they compliment each other nicely. Perhaps one day we will visit Africa together." - Rhiannon Byrd
  • "He is a walking invitation to tread from the path of struggle into delight, but admission may be an abstract price. I'm not entirely convinced it wouldn't be worth it." - Rowan Byrd
  • "When tasked, I have found with Amatus' most ambitious childer that you purchase a result rather than merely a service." - Carden d'Vergobret
  • "It is always interesting to see what face a Kindred chooses to wear in public...and the face others see reflected in their eyes. Numerius has chosen to see mine as 'monster'. Time will tell if this was a wise choice." Siegrid of the True North
  • "I have like no idea why I can't like help looking at him or like stop myself from like doing whatever he asks. OMG like, I think I like totes am in love." - Karma
  • "He is what I imagine all Setites aspire to: you know he's dangerous, but it's nearly impossible to deny his charm." - Vivienne Stanwyck
  • "Beware a beautiful snake." - Gabriel
  • "He was there when a Baron was killed, and on his head falls the ashes. He and I will speak, and soon, and he best pray to whatever devils he follows that they will have mercy because I will not." - Clint
  • "He gets two reactions, intrigue or dismissal. Either warnings about his charm but evident evil; happy little indications that everything with him is joyful; or vague comments about his effectiveness with enough plausible deniability to avoid specifics... Or people scoffing about how his allergy to linen isn't taking them in and they have seen it all before. Essentially everyone acknowledges his power is in his being noticed and making sure you are more intrigued by the fragility of his collar bones, and pretense you are important to him than the fact that there is a brain between his ears. Just assume he's like every other ridiculously powerful old kindred, plus some fragrant oils and a pillow or two, and for heavens sake, stop harumphing about being above it- if you noticed enough to comment, he beat you." - Cornelia Mowebary
  • "Some people call Numerius the root of all evil. Fuck that. As if. Leeches need to relax a bit more and learn to just enjoy themselves." - Haze
  • "Few individuals stand out so against the others of their clan - I misunderstood Numerius at first. Misjudged, too, as the more I learned, I found an individual more fearsome and clever than I anticipated, blinded as I was by the fires of rage. It takes a special man to talk across party lines as he took the time to connect with me that day, and find the true cause of my fury; he surprised me. I can say that about so few." - Seamus Montague
  • "He's so beyond like words. When like he meets my eyes I like feel so like fucking stupid, and like inadequate, and like... I don't like get why I just like want him and like want him to like have anything he wants. Why do I like want anyone who like wishes him harms to have like their throats torn out by me? I'm so fucking lost..." - Karma
  • "Gracious as a guest in Camarilla territory, and he's just as courteous as a host in his own. I feel like this elder wants all of Houston for himself, hell maybe that just scratches the surface of his ambitions. But what do I know? - Waylon
  • "I don't know what is up people's butt about this guy. An unfeeling monster, as what was quoted to me by Gma. Seriously, though, if he wanted to do harm, he would have done it already. Nothing but respect." - Payback
  • "Shift of power from one Doyen to another. Now my job is double duty. Oh and...well..." *fans self* - Trip Line
  • "In certain almost supernatural inner states, the depth of life is entirely revealed in the spectacle, however ordinary, that we have before our eyes, and which becomes the symbol of it." - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
  • "It has been an honor to be referred to as 'His Viper' when he speaks to others. I would stand in front of him to deny the sun violating his immaculate flesh. My life for his, for Sutehk." - Francois LeGuerrier
  • "Rumor had reached me far before our first meeting, but words cannot prepare one for someone of his greatness. I will be watching him very closely." - Aelfi Utgardson
  • "Numerius is called the Unchained, and yes, he has few if any limits... but I think the truth of his name is that he breaks the bonds of others, removes impediments, and eases them into freedoms they have never dreamed. In my heart, he lives within certain words. Beauty. Decadence. Corruption." - Augustin, the Adder
  • "There are many Kindred I look up to, respect, and even adore, but there is only one I aspire to be." - Xavier Frost
  • "Det farligste monsteret smiler. Det lokker deg med generøsitet og service. Det beroliger frykten din med vin og vennlighet. Til slutt lukkes kjever rundt deg, og du lurer på hvordan du aldri så det kommer.." - Olaf
  • "Numerius Villius Cursor has passed through the crucible of chains into the conflagration of the semi-Divine. Demigod. Childe of Set. Let those enslaved sing for their freedom. Let the Aeons tremble with despair. Em heset net Set!" - Serapion, the Painted Serpent
  • "You false Mabon, daring to come before me and mine wreathed in lies and presence. Next time, such tricks will not previal and you will earn my respect on your own, either in the way you speak or the way you die. Either door still waits to be stepped through. I offered you no lies." - Raven Tempestarii, Emissary of the Sabbat
  • "Well he's certainly at his most effective when in a pair of tight pants. He had the Brujah fawning over him all night on the virtue of his inseam alone." - Ellie Rothstein, Emissary to Denver
  • "I've seen that practiced, aloof look many, many times before. Ensure you have a blue silk ribbon close by should you have to sustain that gaze. You might not get another chance." - Thaddeus Moreau


  • "He doesn't actually take any drugs, he just fakes it."
  • "Is singularly responsible for the crash of the Lira from casually tossing around so much currency at parties."
  • "Taking on his form is one of Holly Wood's biggest requests for her clients."
  • "Him and another in Houston have a pet werewolf."
  • "He is the Feminist Ryan Gosling Meme given material form."
  • "Add rumors here"

Music to Portray Numerius to

"The Sinking Night / I Hope You Suffer" AFI
"Love my Way (Cover)" She Wants Revenge
"Wicked Game" HIM
"Perfect Day" Lou Reed
"Heart is Black" Mark Crozer
"Touched" VAST

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