Nyr tunglfylling

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Nýr Tunglfylling

Notable Traits:

  • Golden wolf eyes
  • Permanent fangs
  • Cold wind blows in his area
  • Appears to have the flush of life, and a bright aura
  • Always bears a tangible air of predatory hunger

Society: Anarch

Clan: Gangrel




  • Nyr is actually a Werewolf masquerading as a Gangrel
  • Nyr was raised by wolves.
  • Nyr is not well verse in English.
  • Nyr is the oldest member of the Anarchs in Rome, and is actually an elder from a very long time ago.
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Gangrel Symbol.png


  • "Nyr is more garou than kindred. I wouldn't be surprised if he is part of a Garou pack." - Shepherd
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OOC Information

Player: Brent D.

Player Email: TenebrousTides@GMAIL.COM

Storyteller: SAM G.


Location: ROME, GA