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VSS Information

VSS Boundaries: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and its surrounding suburbs

VST Name: Joshua Jaques (Interm)

VST Email: okc.camanarch.st@gmail.com

Domain Code: OK-010-D

City Type: Camarilla City

Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: Currently there is no other Political affiliation in the city.
Sect Boundaries: The Camarilla control Oklahoma city, and surrounding suburbs. ( Limited by Domain borders )
Theme: A game of Chess
Mood: Intrigue with a dash of blood.
Setting: BNS MES Vampire: The Masquerade

Chronicle Teaser:

“Knight to Black Knight one… Check mate… Looks like I control the crown now." -Lady Loraine

Since the founding of the city, Elders have played games with the Ancilla and Neonates that flocked further out west in search of more power. What they found was a bitter set of Elders who had done the same, and longed to rule on high. But, the problem with the Elders games, was that there was no consistent players, nor enough pieces to play a full game. So the Elders took a step back, letting the younger fill the board with wonderful new pieces for them to play with. These Elders still remain the players of the game, but the younger have found that sometimes even the players can be moved for their own devices. Much like a confusing game of chess, these shadow players moved against one another and together… Do they do it to survive? Is this really just a game? Or is there something they are afraid of?

City Description: Oklahoma City is a sprawling, massive town -- the 8th largest in the United states -- and boasts a rather large collection of Camarilla kindred. With the addition of the surrounding suburbs, the domain of Oklahoma city is much more accommodating to its Kindred residents than most cities. However, that does not mean everyone has plenty of room. The Kindred are prone to constantly trying to restructure its feeding grounds and minor domains in order to vie for "prime" feeding, more than just your run of the mill Kine. The city's human resources are rather ample and very prone to manipulation of the Kindred of the city. The Camarilla has an iron fist hold on the city at this time, making invasion seem almost impossible... if it were not for the internal fighting over who gets the prettier portion of land.

City Timeline:

Pre-1890: Very little activity in the area. Considered to dangerous by most kindred.
• Biggest concern is the amount of werewolves in the region.

1890: Oklahoma land run
• This is left mostly for those who really want to be that old. Will need ST approval for this time frame.

1900: Oklahoma declared the 47th state. Completion of the Capital building
• First prince of the city Declared praxis: Ventrue Prince Adam MedCalf
• Original Founding clans for OKC: Brujah, Gangrel, Toreador, Ventrue
• Clan Ventrue use large amounts of influence used to grow the city rapidly
• Clan Gangrel begin to embrace with permission of the prince.
• Clan Brujah clan intentionally drained the funding from the Venture, preventing the Dome
• Clan Toreador work to bring more culture to the 'country side'

1910: Colcord completes constuction, first Oklahoma skyscraper
• Clan Ventrue push for creation of the first Elysium, the Colcord is named the First Elysium
• Clan Gangrel have a huge internal fight over who is representing them.
• Clan Brujah works to control the local military installation, the results were not kind.
• Clan Toreador uses influence to pull specialized architects to the city

1920:Nothing of great note
• Clan Malkavian enter the city and pronounce supporting the Prince
• Clan Malkavian get permission from the Prince to take over Griffon Sanitarium
• Clan Ventrue support Malkavian entrance into the city
• Clan Brujah support the addition, but warn about possible lunacy
• Clan Toreador obstain from the discussion siting it is up to the Prince.
• Clan Gangrel openly discourage their introduction, but do not push the matter very hard.

1930: Oil discovered in Oklahoma city
• Clan Ventrue push for primary control of the Oil industry locally
• Clan Gangrel opposes the sudden industrial boom as it encroaches on the wilds
• Clan Malkavian receive a vision of a homeless city breaching the masquerade
• Clan Toreador create 'Elm Grove' a refugee tent city
• Clan Brujah assist with 'Elm Grove'
• Prince Medcalf forces 'Elm Grove' to close for suspicious vampire acts.

1940: Nothing Notable in the mortal world locally
• Prince changes Praxis from Prince Medcalf to Brujah Prince Josiah Cornflower, the Praxis change is smooth.
• Clan Tremere moved into the city with permission of the Prince.
• Clan Nosferatu enter the city and support the Prince.
• Oklahoma city is no longer a petty princedom
• Clan Venture support the entering of the new clans and welcome them
• Clan Toreador make a vie for political power by offering to hold a ball in the Princes Honor.
○ As part of the Ball, OKC has its first Symbel, Elder Toreador awards Victorious to Neonate Nosferatu
• Clan Brujah starts taking over local street gangs
• Clan Gangrel Attempts to take Praxis, the attempt fails as the city does not unite behind the challenger.
• Clan Tremere encounters a strange creature that hunts down those with blood magic.
• Clan Nosferatu begin digging into the history of the Kindred finding interesting rumors
• Clan Malkavian Recieves a vision that the Haunts will burn for their treachery

1950:Nothing Notable in the mortal world locally
• Gangrel Sheriff of the city is caught on camera destroying a kindred
• Tremere Scourge is murdered by the Sheriff when Scourge tries to interrogate the Sheriff
• Prince Cornflower declares blood hunt on the Sheriff
• Clan Gangrel slays former sheriff,
○ Feeding disputes over Wild areas, as the city proper continued to push into Gangrel territory.
• Clan Nos sees a large increase in population and asks Prince for above ground feeding, their request is granted.
• Clan Ventrue push for Former Prince to be made the Senechal, the request is granted.
• Clan Toreador vie for their Ancilla to be the Harpy for the city. Primogen council approves.
• Clan Malkavian causes the Keeper of Elysium to go insane after the Keeper, a Nosferatu, made suspicious comments during court.
• Clan Tremere supports the acts of the Malkavians, as they had divined that the Keeper was under some sort of compulsion to attack the Prince.
• Clan Brujah holds a rant, demanding Prince Cornflower remove the Ventrue Senechal

1960 OKC is rapidly subjected to 8 sonic booms a day in an attempt to test supersonic transportation
• Prince Cornflower declared Founders tower the new Elder Elysium
• Toreador Harpy of city declares Prince Cornflower Vulgar, Harpy is never seen again
• Clan Tremere argues with Prince over rights to libraries as Clan Nos currently holds those areas as their domain
• Clan Nos abdicates their claim in favor of Nichols Hills
• Clan Ventrue forced to find new feeding grounds
• Clan Toreador investigates the Harpies disappearance, no clues were found
• Clan Gangrel warn of incrouching on the wilds is drawing the attention of the werewolves
• Clan Malkavian speaks of a cross roads coming where change will be forced
• Clan Brujah hears whispers of an attempt to remove Prince Cornflower

1970: OKC had a serious decline in human population
• Large incline of Kindred population (Free Love and what not)
• Prince Cornflower, declares that feeding rights are revoked and each primogen must police feeding.
• Prince Cornflower was removed from position by the Primogen Council of elders
• New Prince Julie Stiener of Clan Nosferatu takes Praxis, and performs a call of seasons.
• Prince Stiener allows the first Caitiffs into open court.
• Clan Brujah publically threaten the Caitiffs of the city.
• Clan Gangrel remains silent regarding the Caitiffs
• Clan Malkavian have a vision of strife and offer wisdom to those who listen
• Clan Nosferatu use connections to take Praxis
• Clan Toreador spend infuence to grow the arts district
• Clan Tremere openly defy Prince Stiener, stating her decision is weak willed.
• Clan Ventrue remains silent regarding the Caitiff, but pressure the prince to reconsider

1980: Population boom occurs again due to city revival projects
• Prince Stiener coordinates the Kine of OKC to work together to renew population.
• Prince Stiener removes Clan Tremere from Primogen, after finding out about the clan undermining her power
• Prince Stiener calls a Blood hunt on the Primogen of the Tremere Marie Coastonata and banishes the rest of the clan
• Prince Stiener awards Clan Gangrel Loyal for their services to the City.
• Clan Brujah with draw most political schemes in favor of Urban renewal projects.
• Clan Gangrel attempt to hunt down Coastonata, and feel honored they are given more power.
• Clan Malkavian pull out of the politics of the city, as a vision of fire from the sky plauges the entire clan.
• Clan Nosferatu works tirelessly to maintain political power in the city, many Nos pull back as rumors being to churn
• Clan Toreador attempt to caution Prince Stiener on her actions, to be more understanding that these things happen
• Clan Tremere flee the city, many are slain by the Gangrel clan in the after math of the blood hunt.
• Clan Ventrue uses their influence to track the movements of the Tremere, but nothing public is ever shared.

1990: OKC bombing occurs (not related to super naturals at all)
• Prince Stiener is betrayed by the city and is murdered while fleeing to Elysium.
• Marie Coastonata, seizes praxis by fire and blood, becoming the first Prince by force.
• Clan Brujah takes part in the Coo, and ends up losing many of its soliders to the Nosferatu
• Clan Gangrel fight to defend the prince, but in losing so many of its clan, withdraws in the final moments
○ Clan Gangrel leave the Camarilla offically
• Clan Malkavian watch from afar as fires rain down on the Eylsium fulfilling their visions
• Clan Nosferatu scramble to remain in the city, so much so to even betray their Prince
• Clan Toreador are not present during the Coo
• Clan Tremere, take the city by force, securing their foot hold in the city
• Clan Ventrue, Attempt to stop the violence, only to move out of the way when words did not seem to help

• Prince Coastonata declares based on president, that Caitiff though allowed to be in court, have no rights in the city.
• Prince Coastonata, recieves word that a new pillar clan has joined the Ivory Tower, She consults her Primogen
• Prince Coastonata received word that an Assimite Delegation is arriving.
• Clan Assamite join the Camarilla becoming a pillar clan
○ The Delegation arrives and pays boons to be allowed into the city
○ Due to their numbers the Prince allows them a seat on the council officially
• Clan Brujah assist the Ventrue in completing Devon tower, they also warn the prince of the new Assamites
• Clan Malkavian suddenly stops receiving visions, as rumors of a blood magic seeking monster return
• Clan Nosferatu take lead investigation on finding this new boogie man
• Clan Toreador move politically to gain the Favor of the New Prince, they are successful
• Clan Tremere takes Scourge position and begins hunting any non-acknowledged Caitiff in the city
• Clan Ventrue works with clan Brujah to complete Devon tower ahead of schedule.

• Clan Gangrel rejoin the Camarilla
• Prince Coastonata welcomes the clan back to her city, but does not give them a primogen seat immedately
• Prince Coastonata siting president, moves the Feeding accord between the Toread and Ventrue to flip positions
• Prince Coastonata, removes a portion of Clan Malkavians feeding grounds in favor of returning some holdings to Gangrel
• The Primogen council pressure the Prince to reconsider her stance on allowing the Gangrel to not have a Primogen Seat.
• The Primogen elect a new Harpy once the Gangrel are allowed back into the council.
• Clan Assimite moves to secure holdings in the city, though Prince Coastonata only allows the smallest bit to them.
• Clan Brujah openly states the Gangrel are traitors and that though they follow the Prince's orders, they are not pleased.
• Clan Malkavian uses political pressure to ensure Gangrel get feeding rights, but end up losing some of their own
• Clan Nosferatu pleads with the Prince to have their feeding rights to the underground city returned
• Clan Toreador welcomes the Gangrel back publicly
• Clan Tremere pushes to make sure the Prince lets the Gangrel back into the city
• Clan Venture publically welcomes the Gangrel back to the Tower

2017: Current time frame
-- Below is the current views of the clans
• This section has been altered and left blank to allow players to fill in some of the current timeline.

Currently working on Former Primogen and other Court positions with the player base at large.

Storyteller Notes:

• The following clans are the only allowed "clans" (this does include their bloodlines) on this VSS at this time:
○ Assamite, Brujah, Caitiff, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue,

• Members of the OKC domain may only portray characters aligned with the themes and rules set by this VSS at the local game.

• Elder Characters are currently restricted to a maximum of 5, or 15-20% of the player base whichever is greater.
○ Elders must meet all requirements of the National Elder Document:
§ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Vyq5vlKdiqy-HEuw63a8LWpN2k3nMs0uo-9e2E5UvuA/edit?usp=sharing
○ Elders will be held strongly accountable to those guidelines and will be audited often for effectiveness.

• 8th Gen Acilla:
○ 8th Gen Ancilla are being limited due to their nature with in the game. As such currently only 1 character per clan (excluding Caitifff) will be allowed to be a 8th Gen Ancilla. Applications will be reviewed and accepted/denied based on submission time stamp in the Approvals Database.

• Paths of Enlightenment:
○ Though paths are allowed on the VSS, is it the vision of this VSS to make sure all characters are Camarilla loyal. As such, some paths are not thematically appropriate for a Camarilla loyal character. Each Path of enlightenment when applied for will be determined at the time of application of it is playable in a Camarilla-focused venue.

• Approvals:
○ all approvals will be subject to a minimum of 3 short stories to show how they portray the character so that non-local ST's will be able to get a feel for the character.
○ It is highly recommended by the VST to have a minimum of 3 local character ties, sited in the timeline/background of the application, and at least one sentence that describes the relationship.

• Downtimes:
○ Down times are due the Monday before the Week of the Game, to allow the Storyteller staff to have all of them processed and clairified before game time that Saturday.
○ Currently we will be using (if approved by regional) to use the Werewolf BNS down time initiative process to help mitigate when things go off in the order of operations.
○ Downtime format should include:
§ Defensive Actions, the mechanic that is used for that defensive action, and preferably a fluff of how it is used
§ Attack Actions, the mechanic that is use for the action and preferably a fluff of how it was used.
§ Any remaining actions, the mechanics for that action and preferably a fluff of how it was achieved.
• XP From Games and Down times:
○ Currently it is the plan of the VST to award full XP for attending game.
○ With that in Mind, it is also the intent of the VST to award full XP for downtimes as well.

• Proxy rules:
○ The OKC Domain has had a long tradition of the "Warm body Rule" what this means is all proxies to our Domain during game require a warm body to portray the character, that players must be a member of the MES in good standing.
○ Proxy during downtime must be sent in full detail to the Entire Storyteller chain that would be involved in the Proxy. All players involved must also be copied on the action.
§ It is the opinion of the VST at this time that all Proxy play in down time will be considered Soft RP, if at any point the action would escalate to requiring Hard RP, a live interaction must be coordinated to resolve the Hard RP interaction.