Oak Vale Travellers

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Oak Vale 1.png
Anglesey Flag-land map

Retired, Haitus or moved VSS PC's that were once part of Oak Vale Sept.

Name Auspice Tribe Rank Breed Date Left Notes
Krisi Ragabash Black Furies Fostern Homid December 2017 TW Apocalypse VST PC Retired
Lillian "Kiss of Venom" St. Claire Theurge Ananasi Athro Homid January 2018 Alexandra Pitchford PC Retired
Fiona MacAllan-LaCoix "Midnight Trickster" Ragabash Silver Fangs Fostern Homid February 2018 Rachel Green PC Retired
Weaver Critical Combo Ahroun Glass Walkers Fostern Homid February 2018 Catherine H PC Retired
"Ancient Fang" Ian MacAllan Ragabash Silver Fangs Athro Homid April 2018 Kenny Green PC Retired
Voices Never Shared Galliard Uktena Adren Homid April 2018 Rory M PC retired
Claudia Theurge Garou Cub Homid August 2018 Allison Pell PC Retired
Dylan Lowe Ragabash Bone Gnawers Cliath Homid Dec 2018 DLS PC Retired
Corrine Ragabash Corax Cliath Corvid March 2019 Hunnora PC moved VSS
Saoirse Alexander None Fianna N/A Kinfolk Feb 2019 Kate PC retired
Pajackok Wahya "Jack" Ahroun Uktena Adren Lupus March 2019 Jacob A. PC Retired
Gerald Rivers None Fianna none Kinfolk May 2019 Jon PC Haitus.
Capt Mutt None Bone Gnawers none Kinfolk May 2019 Joe PC Retired
Flawless Yu "History Repeats" Ahroun Black Furies Adren Homid July 2019 Joshua Fischer PC Retired
Inara Elwyn "Darkens the Luminour Path" Doshi Kitsune Athro Homid July 2019

Allie PC Moved VSS

Tillie None Child of Gaia Kinfolk Homid July 2019 Krista W PC Moved VSS
Elgan "The Rogue" Ragabash Fianna Athro Homid Aug 2019

Mitch K PC Moved VSS

Mira Harkness-Price Theurge Bastet Fostern Homid Sept 2018 Jamie Lee PC Haitus
Deanna Knight "Photon" Ragabash Glass Walkers Athro Homid Sept 2018

Garfield PC Haitus

Shay "Stalks The Bitter Frost" Ahroun Wendigo Adren Homid Mid 2018 Allie Pitchford PC Haitus
Tanika Storm's Grace Philodox Shadow Lords Athro Homid Late 2018 Alicia C. PC on Haitus.
Yiva Galliard Black Fury Cliath Lupus Unknown Allison Pell PC Haitus
Liza "Safe Harbor" Philodox Stargazers Fostern Homid Mid 2019 Sara H PC Retired.