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Name: Oberon

Notable Traits: The smell of fresh lit fire in a cold mildewed grate; A slight headache behind your eyes; and Halos around all the lights; all these seem to follow him.

Type: Mage

Character Type Subgroup: Mastigos Mysterium

An older gentleman, a Mastigos of the Mysterium and if the tales are to be believed, a veteran of both World Wars, though he doesn’t look old enough to have done so. It’s a topic he never addresses, instead urging people to look to the future and rebuild after the ravages of the Event. He is often found in the Milton Keynes Central Library while it is open, and after it closes, he is often found enjoying a cup of fruit tea at The Quiet Corner Café.




Bedford introduces gaslighting in 1832, it was in reality it was a cabal of Obrimos establishing territory within the city. The Night of Blood and Lightning in 1916 A brief, but fierce conflict breaks out between the Mages and the Vampires in the vicinity of Overend Green Farm and Shenley Hill Road. Reports state hearing eleven explosions during the night, and in the morning there were eleven holes, each seven foot deep and ten foot across, but the only damage was a few broken window panes and a single dead rabbit. This was covered up to indicate a passing German Zeppelin having dropped his payload in the area. In reality it was the supernatural conflict.


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MKNPC.oberonmarker.png Doom Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty
MKNPC.oberonmarker.png Farsight Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty
MKNPC.oberonmarker.png Ophelia Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty
MKNPC.oberonmarker.png Jet Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty

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MKNPC.oberonmarker.png "He's a lot nicer when I'm not spying on his people for the enemy. Who knew?" - Lisbeth Benson
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This is an NPC for the Milton Keynes CoD-X Game