Oberon "Two-Paws"

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A Basic About

Name: Oberon "Two-Paws"

Tribe: Children of Gaia

Auspice: Philodox

Rank: Fostern

Pack: Raptors of the Northern Sky

Faction: Concordant of Stars

Sept: Karonhia'ke

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In Summary: Oberon is a healer with a love of bow ties, forever walking around barefoot and SCIENCE! Chalked full of both charm and curiosity, plus a sizable helping of just plain oddness, he enjoys chasing knowledge and all things nerd culture.


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What People Say About Oberon
  • "Oberon am a weirdo doggo who am not like being a doggo. Mew-Tork confuzzled by this. If Oberon am doggo, then he should be PROUD doggo! But at least he am devoted to him stinky weed smoking...and trying to share with all the Fera! That am totally stand up shit, dude." - Mew-Tork, Bastet
  • "My Dear Heart, Gaia walks with you and all around you. Someday I hope you will see yourself through my eyes and know how beautiful and loved you are." - Granny


  • "Obi is the best. One of the most welcoming I’ve ever met. Great gifts. Great fez! Hope to visit again soon." - Smooth Operator
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Bows, Ties and All the People Who Put Up with Oberon
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OoC Information

Player: Phina (Alysia Wood)

Player Email: Alysia.Rose.Wood@gmail.com

Storyteller: Patrick-Seán Morrissey

Storyteller Email: toronto.apocalypse@gmail.com

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada