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Project Almanac: Obogrom

Space worm.jpg

Basic Information

Name: Obogrom aka "Ice Worm"

Location: Aurora in the Tanaris System

Category: Fauna

Description: Aggressive and Dangerous. Known to be as large as approximately 60 meters. Footage notes screech of high volume. Echos and shadows beneath the ice suggest this creature travels and potentially hunts by sound. Further examination of a live specimen needed to confirm biological systems and establish a local ecology report for Aurora.

Almanac Status: Unverified Entry

Submitted by: Asteria Industries & Lightning Co.

Research Notes

  • Electronic Public Records Dated - October, 4118 - Scientific records provided by Asteria Industries

Readable scans of the Obogrom beneath the ice. We saw readings showing an enormous solid being its size so big you can only see it's true to size after three or four separate scans. We also noticed there seems to be what look like limbs protruding from the things body through the scans is not as detailed from the ice bouncing back the signals. Whatever is down there reveals no heat signature on scanners. After we finished the last scan the equipment pings a high concentration of metal coming from the being. Iron and Silver were detected within the creature.

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  • There is odd shaky footage of amateur footage showing it bursting from the ice and its screech ear piercing before destroying everything in its way as it once more goes underneath the ice.
  • Obogrom Bounty released in December, 4118 by Asteria Industries
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OOC Information

Storyteller: Virtual Space VST

Storyteller Email: mes-virtual-space-staff@googlegroups.com

Approval Level: Low Approval to use