Oceanic Periphery Recovery

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The Grotto Husk Recovery


It began with reports of a Lost Grotto deep beneath an oil rig off the coast, in the Irish Sea. Razortooth, Tides of Time, & Priscilla Lamnidae investigated the situation. While still working, the Oil Rig was making the Irish Sea one of the most polluted oceans known to man, which in turn corrupted the Grotto beneath it. The Rokea that remained there were tainted remnants of their former selves. The trio contacted the Rokea nation as a whole and it was decided to do something about this blight and to hopefully reclaim this precious spot.

Off the coast, the Rokea gathered, using Priscilla’s ship “Lamnidae’s Superbia” as a central meeting spot. Kunspawn from various oceans joined in this endeavor. Brightwaters such as Razortooth the Undying, Jab, Havelock, and Shipsinker. The Dimwaters included Abyssal Lullaby and Just Keep Swimming. Our Darkwaters, Dredges Unsea’s Corruption From the Vast Expanses of Sea, Tides of Time and Swims Deep. Plans were made and set into motion.

The Kunspawn gathered early in the morning before the rise of the Great Wound in the Oversea. They Send to one another to reinforce the battle plans as they circle in a dance for war, preparing themselves to reclaim the lost Grotto and Rokea who have succumbed to Qyrl's grasp. Their fight will take them well below the controlled Small Wound that lays above Sea, sickening Her blood and all below.

The circling seems to grow in pace and ferocity as the Kunspawn pump their blood and rage, silent cries of war as their body language shows the strength and command of their kind. Truly awe inspiring of the collectiveness of the Breed.

Then suddenly, Razortooth breaks from the circling, taking the lead as Brightwater Prime of his slew and the war party, breaking the flows of current as the rest follow in his slipstream.

As planned, they dive below, falling silent...

Great Whites, Greater Hammerheads, Tigers, banding together for a powerful cause. They slip below in the darkness, away from the eyes of man and the bottoms of the steel seals that skim the surface.

Water turns warmer than normal, it starts to feel slick and thick like oil as the taint from the Fallen Grotto and controlled Small Wound leak into the surrounding environment. While prey has seemed to find shelter in this place en masse, other predators are missing, perhaps something below here lurks with a great danger.

As the Darkwaters peer past the Gauntlet and view Sea's Soul, the effects are far more twisted. Banes haunt the caverns of the grotto, calling home to the corruption and unbalancing of the effects. Dredge, shifts his body language, indicating the need to avoid traveling in Sea’s Soul, avoiding Sending as the Corrupted Rokea could possibly hear them.

Then, it comes…

Twisted Sendings begin, intermittently. Only a few of the “Words” are understandable to those who cannot speak Wyrmspeak, and it sounds dark, twisted. Occasional mumbled sendings as if partially asleep. Concepts like “Death”, “Kill” and “Submission” echo through their minds. To those who know the ways of Qyrl, the sendings are much, much darker. A constant stream of prayers to the darkness, whatever is within is truly corrupt. Only decades of service to Qyrl grant such dangerous knowledge.

The majority of the Brightwaters take the lead in front of the others, following Razortooth deep within, the Dimwaters and Darkwaters following behind, ready to give their aid and blessings to the frontliners as Jab closes the ranks behind, giving protection from an ambush attack from behind.

The mouth of the Grotto, twisted by corruption, looks like a vile grin of teeth with the abyss as its throat of darkness. The seaweed and kelp have overgrown the area within the warmer waters, float like delicate strands. As each of the Rokea pass, the curls of leaves and vine caress their body comfortingly, sliding along the side of the sharks. The kelp seemingly reaches up at the Rokea as if to grasp at their fins.

With that, the Rokea break from the overgrowth and slip within the throat of the grin of the grotto from which a dull glimmer of acidic green light glows in the dark waters….

The Kunspawn pass through the entrance of the Grotto, the dim glowing light doesn’t provide much help here, as it seems to crawl around the corners of the caverns. As Jab passes last, a bane that looks like a gnarly frogfish, watches, turning as it starts to drop. It’s lips curl back, revealing needle like fangs and lunges for Tides of Time, the quick Sending of Jab allows Tides to twist in the waters in an attempt to avoid the ambush strike. Unfortunately, while the rapid movement makes the foul creatures strike miss its intended point of aim, it sinks its fangs into his right fin. The scent of blood in the water instantly hits Jab’s senses like a hammer, forcing the Kunmind upon him and the others who count themselves Lords of the Sea, rage swelling in anger at Qyrl’s unworthy strike against Kun’s chosen.

Instantly turning, her Rage burning, Havelock’s shifts to Fighting Jaws and her mighty jaws strike the bane a powerful blow as Tides turns his body, extending the fin upon which the fomor has latched. A fraction of a second later, the follow up strike from Jab bites the infested creature clean in two, the bane’s remains fading into the shadows of the tunnel as it discorporates.

Two other frogfish banes enter the fray after their brethren was slain, dark colored creatures, like rocks peeling from the cavern walls, descend upon the group of Rokea. With ambush attacks no longer usable against Kun’s Chosen, the banes go for direct attack. The Brightwaters turn their jaw on the other two, as everyone who hasn’t, shifts info Fighting Jaws. The frog fish are quickly rent by the Kunspawn, weak against direct attacks without their stealth to aid them. From the depths, a large Vampire Squid Formor shoots out, taking Swims Deep by surprise, engulfing the young Rokea in its webbed tentacles, glowing bright with green bioluminescence in order to intimidate the Kunspawn.

Havelock, the first to react, shifts to Standing Jaws as she charges at the squid with rage in her eyes. Sharp rows of teeth bite the creature near in two, but it still lives. Jab circles to the rear to guard against more surprise assaults, while Shipsinker follows Havelock’s attack with one of his own. Tides of Time begins to heal himself, as Abyssal Lullaby, along with Just Keep Swimming, begin to Send, their version of songs in visions and emotions to fuel their allies and steal away the Formors. The Fighting Jaws form’s opens up to gulp down the dying fomori in one. Only tentacle fragments remain, for a moment, before sliding slowly from the flanks of Swim’s Deep leaving rows of small sucker marks.

The peace after the rapid burst of excitement is almost as shocking as the ambush itself was. But it lasts only a moment, as from beyond a curtain of kelp, foul sendings that could only come from one devoted to Qyrl turn from prayerful murmurings to a more angered tone. Two barbed tentacles rip the seaweed curtain aside, revealing a small cavern centered with a small, sputtering fount of dread balefire lighting the space in dull, acidic green light. Revealed in the light is a large great white shark, fat and bigger than almost any that have been seen before. The initial hope that the Rokea can be saved is dashed a moment later as it is revealed as the owner of the tentacles. Mutated by Qyrl’s powers, four long cephalopod limbs jut un-naturally from its flanks, all tipped with sharp and dangerous bone spikes, and lined with grasping suckers. This Rokea has taken Qyrl to his heart completely, and is definitely angry at the intrusion.

Havelock charges at the corrupt creature, her jaws gaping wide to take a mighty bite, but the creature is just as fast, tentacles whipping around to try and grasp the charging rokea. As the two pass each other, their attacks both go wide as they dodge the return strikes. Jab follows Havelock in, twisting to avoid the tentacles, his lower jaw slides harmlessly along the flanks of the beast.

Tides moves to one side, a sharp sending quickens the hearts of his slew-mates, the spirit of the fray giving focus to their hearts. Swims Deep concentrates, dashing in a swift circle around the tainted cavern, a wall of spirit energy rises in his wake,warding away any further spirit intrusions.

Dashing into the melee, Shipsinker tries to bite at the corrupted Rokea, but in the swirl of activity, he also misses his first blow. Razortooth and Keep Swimming slip into the cavern, moving to one side, unable to join the fight directly they move to ensure there’s no intrusion. Abyssal Lullaby sends, a calming tone towards the enraged Qyrl corrupted rokea, which slows a little in response.

A moment later, the foresight of Razortooth and Keep Swimming is borne out, as a pair of small banes lift from the junk on the floor of the cavern and move to attack the Brightwaters in the flanks. Each Rokea strikes, their sharp teeth sending the banes in shreds back to Qyrl’s realm. As the righteous rage burns in their hearts, the agile Brightwaters strike again, quicker than the corrupted one can react. Havelock sinks her teeth into the flanks of the tainted rokea, a great hunk carved from its back. Striking from above the corrupted and wounded Rokea, Shipsinker dives down, jaws open wide to bite brutally into the foe's tail, which goes limp as the horrific bite wound severs muscle and ligament. Jab follows Havelock in, and this time the double team works, Jab tears off the dorsal fin from the corrupt Rokea with a violent bite. Curving up from below the occupied creature, Razortooth bites deep into its chest, and the corrupted Rokea goes into death spasms. The tentacles lash out one last time, two of them slashing along Havelock’s side leaving a deep gouge each. Another tentacle stabs into Jabs leaving a neat wound, and the final one wraps around Dredge before falling away, leaving a row of sucker marks on his tough skin.

As the Rokea corpse slips from the teeth of the Brightwaters, and the tentacles fall still, the blood in the water continues to push Rage through Rokea hearts.

A silence falls upon the cavern as it becomes clear through the fog of blood and sundered flesh that the Kunspawn have been victorious.

The fight done, much was still to be done. Much cleansing was needed to start the path to reclamation of this spot below. The wound above was needed to be dealt with as well. But for now, the Rokea had survived, at that was key in their own Litany. Soon they would call this Grotto home once again.

As Sung by Abyssal Lullaby of the Open Sea, Dimwater
Through Sending, great images of the mighty fight are shown to Rokea.

This song was composed by the combined powers of Elexeia, Allison Pell, & D. Scott McQuiston.

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