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Commonly Known Information

Name: Octane

Notable Traits: None.

Type: Mage

Character Type Subgroup: Acanthus, Mysterium


Octane was a former endurance rally driver who never made it out of the mid-ranks. His late awakening happened when his truck broke down in the middle of a desert. Having what he assumed was a hallucination brought on by dehydration and heat sickness, Octane managed to "luckily" find water nearby. When he was rescued, several days later, he was yelled at for leaving the truck and wandering off. His visions, and the nature of his awakening led him to leave the rally circuit and start up a career as an underground "taxi" of sorts. Octane became known for always coming to the rescue when his help was needed most. He frequently operated in the Outback of Australia, where his Ute became a very welcome sight for those he rescued. Recently, Octane has felt drawn to New Zealand, and his particular skill set, while not 100% needed in such a small land mass, still should come in handy.

Vehicle of Choice

2017 Holden Colorado Crew Cab Chassis

  • Exterior Color: Dark Shadow
  • Interior Color: Jet Black
  • Engine: 2.8L Diesel
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Accessories:
    • Bull Bar(Black)
    • Stage 1,2,& 3 underbody protection kit
    • Headlight protectors(smoked)
    • Towing rig
    • First aid kit
    • All-weather floor mats(Front and rear)
    • Driving lamp(rectangular)
    • Side step(tubular black)
  • Aftermarket accessories:
    • 12000 Pound rated winch with steel cable(Warn Zeon 12 Platinum series)
    • Bed liner
    • Bug spray

OOC Information

Player: Jeff Schaller

Player Email: Sanityflaw1@gmail.com

Storyteller: Beth Denton

Storyteller Email: mes-virtual-codx-staff@googlegroups.com

Location: New York