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Octavia's jewlery
Egyption necklace
Egyption braclets
Egyptian arm and ankle cuffs

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Commonly Known Information


Name: Octavia Estelle

Age: Looks early 30's

Notable Traits: Arcane. Skinny. Long white hair. Wears a large ring and Egyptian silver wrist and ankle cuffs, bracers or necklace.

Status: None as she is only a ghoul


Little is known or remembered about Octavia's past or even present. She's just there then she isn't. The proper old school service from a servant. Currently, she is serving Benoit DeMonte and assisting the Keeper of Elysium for general help around the place.

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Homes & Havens

Octavia can be found usually in one of two locations. That is the new occult shop opened in the City in December 2017 or at the new Elysium helping during the day for security or when requested at night to assist with meetings beyond gathering nights.

  • (Ties welcome)

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For all your Occult and herb needs

shop sign

herbs for sale

shop counter

private library

books on request

Come and have tea

Known Timeline

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  • 2017 Dec - Appeared in the City at the occult and herb shop



  • Oh you mean that skinny ghoul that needs to eat more?
  • Rumor


  • "your quote."You

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OOC Information

Octavia Estelle

Domain: Tri-Cities Retired PC
Player: Josie R
VST: None

Other characters in play

Location: OOC Trade Winds IRC, England

Co-ordinator: [1]