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"How is it so easy for you to be kind to people", he asked. Milk and honey dripped from my lips as I answered "because people have not been kind to me."

About Octavia

NAME: Octavia Lyn
NOTABLE TRAITS: eerie presence -Blue hair, Personal masquerade
EMBRACE: 2016, Neonate
UNDER ACCOUNTING: Odette (Atlanta) and Soheil (phoenix)
RELEASE: Currently Under accounting -October 2017

Quick Concept: A coveted influence ghoul, who never wanted the embrace, is poached by clan Assamite 2016. Now, Octavia, is trying to sort out where she belongs in Society.


Current standing within the Camarilla

* - RELEASE: Currently Under accounting -October 2017


"pre 1789 - Uknown

1789 -Parma, Italy - Ghoul to Jean-Louis

1800 –Morocco -Ghoul to Mila

1840 -Parma, France- Ghoul to npc

1848 -Los Angeles/San Francisco -Ghoul to Diego Vega

1875 -London -ghoul to Salomé St. John, The Burning Sands

1890 -Uknown -Ghoul to npc

1902 Phoenix -Ghoul to Lou Sharpe

1930 Phoenix -Ghoul to The conductor

1990 -Atlanta - ghoul to Casimir
2004-phoenix - out on loan, working for the nos elder and the scourge
2015 -Phoenix - out on loan, Working for Eddie starr

Embraced at Lou sharps bar in phoenix -Octavia is embraced by a wayward Assamite (Cammie turned Anarch) who is the line of Rumi. At the time of embrace, Octavia is in phoenix working for a young kindred, Eddie Starr, on loan from her Ventrue regnant Casimir. She and another ghoul, Liem, are abducted from a bar owned by Lou Sharp.

After vanishing for a month, Octavia and her brood-mate, liem, resurface. They help the sheriff of phoenix take their sire in to custody. The embrace of these two ghouls was not approved by anyone. In addition, their embrace, had nothing to do with bringing a new childer into society, but was instead about revenge. Revenge on Rumi, revenge against the phoenix scourge -lou sharp, and revenge against the annoying ghoul, Octavia Lyn, who was the keystone in Eddie Starr’s, influence chain.

Boons are exchange by Octavia and Liem to keep themselves from death. The Assamite sire is boxed for the crime. The two new neonates are put under the accounting of Odette (Atlanta) and Soheil (phoenix)

2017 October -
Will be released from Accounting.

Rumors about Octavia

Rumors, lies, half-truths; or things that may be entirely true - it's hard to say...

* For more than two centuries, Octavia has overseen Lady Mila Rurik's gardens at La Belle Rus. The garden's have always been exceptional. However, since Octavia's embrace last year, Rumor has it the gardens at La Belle Rus have been left to grow wild.
* Before her embrace, Octavia Lyn worked for Eddie Starr as his band’s “Merch Girl”. This menial task was a slight to her talents as an influence ghoul, and she never forgave him for it. Although they fake civil, they do not get along.
* Octavia blames Eddie Starr for her embrace.
* Before her embrace Octavia’s hair was jet black. She dyed it blue to fit in Eddie Starr’s band, while she worked as his PR manager in the recording industry. After her embrace, the hair stayed blue. She absolutely hates it.
* The Nosferatu of Phoenix treat Octavia as one of their own. She worked for them for many years and was supposed to be embraced by the childe of The Conductor They blame Soheil, the Assamite Primogen in Phoenix, for her embrace.
* As a result of refusing to shake Odette's hand, Kaius has been saddled with an Assamite "friend," Tavi, to ensure that no old grudges stand between their clans.
* Her favorite flower is a dandelion puff
* She is the daughter of Jean-Louis
* Beginning long ago, Octavia found comfort in the arms of Odette. Now that she is an Assamite of the same family, things have become...awkward.

Allies and enemies

quite well connected for one so young ...

Odette Rumi Soheil Eddie Starr Jean-Louis
The Conductor Salomé St. John Mila Rurik Silas Ramius Lou Sharpe
Bento Kaius Drescher Lavinia MacDonald Cristiano Gasparo di Giovanni Vincent Giovanni

Accolades are their own Reward

* "The girl I knew so well is gone, what is in her place remains to be seen. I hope she at least resembles the daughter I lost." - Mila Rurik
* "Tavi has her struggles just like anyone else. But if you can get her to open up, she'll teach you things you didn't know you loved." - Kaius Drescher
* "You think you know her? You think you understand who and what she is? Others may walk through fire, but she carries it inside her. When it has burned away the excess, she will emerge true and glorious. You have been warned."- Odette bint Rumi
* "A man will do terrible things to see to the posterity of his child, monsieur. You cannot say, now, that you were not warned. Non?" Jean-Louis d'Orleans
* "Deny her nothing. She has already been denied enough." The Conductor
* "Much has changed about Octavia since we first met, but not her spirit. All is as Allah wills it, and I shall strive to ensure her transition to life as a Kindred goes smoothly."- Soheil Aurelius Shaykh Isfahani
*A great kine and I'm sure she will be an even better kindred. The beast is a fight worth winning. Bento
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RP Opportunities

I'm always looking for a good story complication. So contact me!

* - Kindred Octavia worked for. Those she was a ghoul for and those she used her influence empire to help.


Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Assamite
Position: None
Sire: Unknown
Generation: 11th Neonate
Lineage: Poetry in Motion
Bloodline: Vizier

OOC Information

Player: Courtney B
Email: Email Me
Location: Arizona
Storyteller: Bryan Himebaugh
Contact: DMH C/A VST

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