October Emerson

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RP Hooks

What's New? October is getting to the point where she is starting to feel old and has began to grow bored in her unlife. She is looking to rekindle the spark of life she once had as a younger Kindred and is thus interested in trying things she hasn't tried before. This includes arts and sciences, crafts and religious practices, anything that she feels could possibly bring meaning to her life once again.
Gangrel/Coyote: Unlike many of her peers, October enjoys the city and for the most part always has. Though she loves a good fight she doesn't seek it out like many of her Clan might. Her beast seems a bit more tame and under control. Perhaps it is that she has had time to learn to control herself or maybe it was that way from the start.
Fighting: October enjoys a friendly spar to help keep herself as strong and agile as possible but she also is still a predator and the thrill of the hunt is among one of her favorite games.
Books: Whens she is not out at the gym, or handling business, October can be found lounging about with a book. She reads fiction and nonfiction, modern and classic, and anything in between.
Technology: October has a desire to understand that which baffles her and computers are one of those things. She can hardly make her cellphone work but having one is a good start.
Volunteer Work: October volunteers at local shelters for battered women. She doesn't speak about what brings her to aid these women and she isn't keen to claim the work she does. She simply volunteers for the sake of volunteering.
God: October can often be found attending Mass and she will pray with anyone who desires to be prayed will. However, she isn't a fanatic, she doesn't push her faith on others and believes that they must come to God on their own.
Parties: Not big parties full of people, small parties, little parties. October enjoys relaxing and listening to the modern humans.
Arcades: While October cannot really handle computers very well she does love to go to Arcades to play video games.

Character Information

Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Gangrel
Generation: 9th
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Notable Traits:

  • Golden Coyote Eyes(Wears contacts & sunglasses),
  • Scent of Desert Rain,
  • Hot Summer Breeze
  • 5'10"
  • Long & Curly Dark Brown Hair,
  • Dresses most often in casual, sturdy, practical, and nondescript clothing