Odchigin Abaga Khan

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Odchigin Abaga Khan aka: Loa Bo Chao

Notable Traits: Erie Presence: Right Iris Solid Black, Left Iris Solid White Both Iris rimmed by Jade Green | Arcane |***Dead***

Society: Camarilla
Clan: Ventrue

House Martel


Dignitas: Esteemed





  • Confirmed
  • Established
  • Privileged
  • Acknowledged


  • Honorable


Born 1196 to Adchigin Abaga Khan of the 4 horse tribe. for most of my mortal life, I rode with the Great Khan's armies and spread the fear of the Golden Horde. it was during another raid into the Christian lands of Hungary having defeated the Islamic armies, that I met the Knights Templars. The Cross Bow proved to be strong enough to pierce our armor. During a scouting raid, I was captured by the Knights Templar. For 10 years I was held, prisoner as they did what they could to learn the secrets of the Khan of Khans.

Due to my loyalty and strength, I was blessed with the blood of an immortal to drink. Soon I stood beside an immortal and for 300 years I fought and defended him and his honor. After 300 years of service, he gifted me to his child a Khan, who made me one of the immortals. I now serve my Khan and house until such time the Jade Kingdom invites me to join the immortals in heaven.

Death by execution

2017 July his sire the Khan took his head to save the face of the family for sins he may have or may not have committed.


  • He is always open to a friendly game of chess or go.
  • He plays cards for money and never looses.
  • He despises disrespectful people.
  • He hates Liars.
  • He is actually an Alternate Identity for Alain Martel, founder of the House.
  • He was recently executed by his Sire for events that occurred in Chicago.
  • He was recently appointed as a Josian Archon and given a new name and identity, covered with the rumor of his execution.

Due to recent events, all business transactions must be accompanied initially with Guanxi to even speak to him about business.

Guanxi (in China) the system of social networks and influential relationships that facilitate business and other dealings aka Pay to Play

OOC Information

Player: Nathan Huff

Player Email: Nathanellishuff@gmail.com

Storyteller: Tim Hod

Storyteller Email: chicago.mes.masq@gmail.com