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Commonly Know Information

Name: Odette bint Rumi

Notable Traits: French

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Assamite Vizier

Position: None



Odette appears as a woman in her mid-thirties, fair skinned and blue-eyed. She tends to wear shades of blue and is often in a suit, though the fitted attire forgoes the standard shirt or blouse, leaving bits of lace visible instead. Cocktail dresses and gowns fill out a wardrobe that follows current styles and trends.

A few pieces of jewelry are always present - a Faravahar pin on her lapel, a thick gold band on her left ring finger, and a heavy sapphire on her right. The rest of her jewelry is filled out with metal pieces, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Wavy red hair is styled in a variety of ways, but usually with pins showing bees, a nod to her royal French background.

No matter what else she's wearing, Odette always has elaborate shoes.

Blood Ties

Lineage: Poetry in Motion
Sire: Rumi
Childer: None, though she has been responsible for the Accounting of several of her nieces and nephews.

Allies and Enemies

  • "Asher Rothstein - "In a short time, Monsieur Rothstein has become a favorite conversationalist. His insight on contracts, religious life in our societies, and the view from outside the Tower is truly welcome and I look forward to seeing him at the next court."
  • "Axis - "I like him! I am certain many find his reluctance frustrating, but I see his precaution, his thoughtful way of choosing his interactions. Our taste in books is different, but a fellow bibliophile cannot be ignored, and certainly not one as charming as he."
  • Jean-Louis - "The world is a strange place and Fate plays funny tricks on us all. Jean-Louis is an agent of Fate, pulling the threads of her tapestry this way and that. The question remains is this - does he do her work to her liking or has he gone rogue? I do not think he knows."
  • Jehangir - "What we have in common is surprising. It makes that which divides the more notable."
  • Mila Rurik - "I adore Madam Mila! She was a brilliant client before and she has become a friend since my Embrace...well, I think she is my friend. It is hard to tell when someone is so ancient. But she is wonderful company and knows so much. I am blessed with such a friend!"
  • Octavia Lyn -"You think you know her? You think you understand who and what she is? Others may walk through fire, but she carries it inside her. When it has burned away the excess, she will emerge true and glorious. You have been warned."
  • Rumi - "She is the Moon, always present even when she is not seen. Her presence guides every action, her advice always in my ear. If I am able to be what she sees for my nights, I will accomplished something truly great."
  • Maciek -"Ah, mon frère! From the moment of our first meeting, he has been a kind welcome and constant support. He is glorious proof that a soul can be redeemed, should they truly desire to pursue such and are willing to work dillingently. I know no greater man."

Is that what they said?

  • "Two there are who are never satisfied -- the lover of the world and the lover of knowledge. Alas, my Odette, she is destined to be unfulfilled!" - Rumi
  • "She is a creature born of grace and style. Perfection walking, combined with a mind that is unparalleled. Do not let that sweet smile charm you, and honeyed words distract...Odette bint Rumi is a scholar like none else in her Clan." - Mila Rurik
  • "I thrived in the Court of a man who was the Sun. It is no surprise, then, that I find great difficulty recognizing a home that lacks a similar heavenly body. More's the better that she resides within the Jewel of the South, non?" - Jean-Louis
  • "J'Adore Odette. The beauty of her intellect and love of knowledge surpasses the beauty of the skies. I delighted that Rumi chose to preserve her for eternity." - Maciek
  • "9789004128200, 314" - Axis
  • "Someone told me that the Assamites didn't used to be in the Camarilla! Can you even imagine that? Odette's such a strong supporter of the tower, I can't even picture her outside it's Unity. She's just delightful." - Jehangir
  • "There is an energy to her kindness, as if her grace and refinement were a mask of ice frozen in a state just shy of shattering. I find it a curiosity to wager if she is repressing some frenetic expulsion of passion or she is dancing the razor's edge of preparation. Far be it from me to test her, but I shall be curious to see her tested. Regardless, quite a rewarding partner at cards." - Étienne Oumar Ezeazu
  • "Sophisticated and knowledgeable. If only she were not so close to Jean-Louis..." - Vanator
  • "Vivez! Suivez l'exemple de l'Ancien Odette. Chaque soir, vivez la vie - ne faites pas simplement prétendre. The ignorant might mistake Lady Odette for a neoate due to her boundless energy. However, she is everything an Elder should aspire to be " - Asher Rothstein
  • "Were it not for Odette, my life would have been far less interesting many years ago. Of course, it's still much more interesting with her in it." - Yana Teplova
  • "I do seem to have a knack for finding helpful Viziers in times of need, one that's held through the centuries. It's certainly an awkward way of meeting someone, but I can only be grateful for it, and hope that there is a deeper friendship to be found with Odette, just as there was with Jack and Bryson." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "A life lesson learned: Before you pick up a book, turn to the ending to decide if the end is worth the reading. If you, like me, are no good at doing this it is in your best interest to make peace with painful endings." - Lavinia MacDonald
  • "We have both lost things. We loathe losing things. She’s far less forgiving than I am." - Maris Bell

I'm concealing a lot of things, that's what a Lady does.

  • She will kill over a rare tome.
  • She has made an enemy or two in order to protect a ghoul. However, between boons and the reputation of her Clan, few are willing to say so publicly.
  • Odette once had to make the choice between preserving the life of a ghoul or saving a rare book from the fires of hunters. She never speaks of that night.
  • Rumor here.

RP Opportunities

  • Do you have Ghouls? Perhaps Odette provided them!
  • Have you made use of her mortal escort services?
  • Were you in a Camarilla Court in Europe during the 19th Century?
  • Ever need a neutral arbiter or reviewer of records?
  • Other ideas? Email me!

OOC Player Information

Player: Jenn Eiland

Player Email: zjazja@gmail.com

Storyteller: Wade Y.

Storyteller Email: dmh.masquerade.vst@gmail.com

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Pronouns: Odette's pronouns are she/her.