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  • Confirmed, Privileged, Established as a Luminary Elder
  • Sovereign, Authority, Commander as Prince of Austin
  • Loyal, per Prince Kardos of Houston
  • Courteous, per Harpy Collins of Austin


  • 696: Born outside of Oslo, Norway
  • 732: Embraced by Ikkenai
  • 998: Claimed praxis of Trondheim, Norway
  • 1098: Stepped down from praxis for unknown reasons
  • 1486: Joins the Camarilla
  • 1610: Disappeared and thought destroyed
  • 1940: Awakens in London during the London Blitz
  • 1940-1999: Roamed Europe and then the New World
  • 1999: Calls some of his brood to Austin, Tx to assist in taking the city from the Anarchs
  • 1999 - Present: Olaf calls Austin, Tx home.
  • August, 2017: Olaf claims praxis of Austin


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  • Name: Olaf Magnusson
  • Notable Traits: Long, Black Claws. Runes tattooed around his left eye. Has a reputation in the Camarilla for being staunchly loyal.
  • Society: Camarilla
  • Position: Prince of Austin, TX
  • Clan: Gangrel


  • "Jeg vil helst være fri og dø enn leve som en hund under hælen til andres støvler. Når du lærer den leksjonen, vil du se sannheten i din virkelighet ... at du valgte feil." - Skygge
  • "He appreciates short meetings, getting things done, and not beating around the bush. My kind of Gangrel, *and* my kind of Elder." - Simon Flint
  • "Careful. Watchful. Predator. An old Gangrel who understands the old ways. He understands that there is strength in politics just as much as claws." - Thelonious Regulus
  • "A tradition of oral history makes a people great storytellers. He may appear to be a man of claw and tooth, and I am sure it is indeed impressive to behold. More impressive would hearing his firsthand experiences in doing so. Tales of strife and woe, told with skill, are as worthy of attention and praise as any of the classics." - Alistair Beckworth
  • "I don't know what game he's playing, but I will find out. I get the feeling a lot more than my life depends on it." - Clint
  • "If such a man can continue to keep me on pins and needles as to what his next moves and motivations are, even after all these years, what makes you think you can predict his next moves, fathom his plans? The saying is that pride goeth before the fall - I beseech you not to become a cautionary tale reinforcing such." - Desmond Aldred
  • "Havene bringer ham til storhet. Du vil se." - Bjorn Olafson
  • "If you have the pleasure of knowing Olaf before you die, do not waste his time. You may not live much longer if you do." - Liam Kincaid
  • "Yeah, like, I know, like he always is all, "grr I have claws", and "grr don't waste my time!" So like, just don't fuck with him and like you'll get along fine." - Karma
  • "Jeg møtte Olaf da jeg fortsatt pustet. Jeg skal forklare det over te en gang. Unødvendig å si jeg ville gjøre noe for ham, og han vet det. Ingenting rart om det. Bare å kjenne Familie fra starten." - Pollux Xenos
  • "This one has taught me much of the ways of his people, it is only right to return the favor" - Standing River
  • "My father made me who I am. It took many years and much effort to realize that, but it's true. He shaped me in his own image so if you are fearful of me, I would not suggest crossing him." - Una Olafsdottir
  • "He wants you to think he's the scariest thing out there. But he's not. It's not hard to make him smile. You just gotta get him out of his Elder chair first." - Madison Davis
  • "This is the reason why Brujah and Gangrel get along so well. Prime example." - Payback
  • "He may not like the fact that I'm in the Anarch Movement, but I will be damned if he'll sit by while someone else talks crap about me. Or much less anyone else in his Lineage. So, do yourself a favor and just don't." - Jeremiah Moriarti
  • "I know what lies within, close to his bones, and deep in his heart. Others may see a monster, but I see the man." - Mila Rurik
  • "My Father is a man of conviction. Few things earn his focus, and those that get it fully are not left unfinished for long. Consider your words when you meet him, they could be your last." - Ulric of Gangrel
  • "Olaf is a Gangrel among Gangel a real Viking about town." - Olaf Magnusson
  • "If it were not for him, I might not exist at all." - Verity Adams
  • "Even centuries ago Olaf was a harsh taskmaster. Not because he was cruel, but rather if he was going to spend his time training you, you were damn well going to learn everything he taught. The first time. There was no room for failure." - Áed
  • "It was impressive to see an Elder Gangrel, he set the bar very high all of his Clan" - Mad Dog Jack
  • "You may have claimed my sister before me, but you will not have me. No, I will not get a tattoo, Olaf. But it is good to see you after all these years." - Channon
  • "What few words he speaks carry weight, they stand in the air and force their way at you. One had hope they be kind words." - Alfonso Pisanob
  • "I have encountered few Kindred that inspire such loyalty- or such fear- in my Sire. I would not dare to second guess my Sire's opinion on such a matter. I can also say with certainty that Elder Olaf is, in fact, quite terrifying. Loyalty is a harder sell." - Felix Winchester
  • "My Grandfather will one day see the Halls of Valhalla and as the Valkyrie escorts him, a roar of respect shall echo throughout this world. To know him is to understand you've met either a legend or a nightmare. The choice is yours." - Ula Olafsdottir
  • "Hij is een waardevolle bondgenoot, en ik steun zijn clan en claim. Maar hij moet voorzichtig zijn dat niet iedereen hetzelfde zal voelen." - Coen Baanard
  • "It is a great honor to be found loyal by the Luminary Elder. He is a strong elder, and his words have great weight. While I accept his proclamation, I am hardly worthy of the Elder's gracious gift." - Eli Zook
  • "The elder and I are much the same in our ability to shorten our often dreary nights. My method is to delight and entertain, and his ability comes from immediately getting to the heart of every matter." - Vivienne Stanwyck
  • "It is refreshing to look a man in the eye, understand each other innately, and know that for one to break an agreement with the other is to invite our own demise." - Irma Kardos
  • "Everyone would see his Reie, and they should, but they miss the Saphrosyne. They miss the beast inside, and the tremendous chains of will it takes to nightly stymie it. He is a potent reminder of possibility and an earnest example to be emulated." - Amyntas
  • "An honorable name will never die. Honorable deeds last forever." - Siegrid of the True North
  • "Luck is a concept of the weak to explain their failings. Elder Magnusson is a Kindred that possesses a pure strength of action so often lacking in these nights; I am quite sure that he, much like myself, has never needed 'luck'." - Simon Kensington
  • "Det er fiender som du vil se døde, og så er det de du vil se live for å se suksessene dine. Olaf er den senere, og jeg ønsker ham mange år med god helse." - Torben
  • "A mountain does not move for any storm. I find myself honoured to be among his contemporaries, and I have been lucky to know someone so strong." - Seamus Montague
  • "A Kindred does not survive as long as he has without wielding power and capability in a greater capacity than their opposition, be it through the gift of words, or the gift of strength. Elder Magnusson is a rare Kindred that possesses both, and I for one am honored to call such an individual my ally." - Saharat
  • "Looking at Olaf and myself at first blush you couldn't think that two kindred could be more different. But looks deceive. A warrior's heart is a warrior's heart at the end." Maciek Albescu
  • "ინგლისურად ასეთი მახინჯი ენაა. მე ვაფასებ რომ ის მშობლიურ ენაზე ირჩევს." - დავით
  • "Good trade..." Rhian Shi-ire
  • "Elder Magnusson is one of the reasons I hold Clan Gangrel is such high regard. He is a Kindred of his word and an exemplar of his Clan." - Rikard Bouwman
  • "I sang for him in his sleep. While he never saw my face, he recognized my voice, even after centuries of my own changes. Now that he walks the earth again, his footsteps fall in perfect time to the world-song, and that beat resonates through all who come near it." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "The happiest path for him is, sadly, the one he destroyed himself. If it wouldnt offend those of elder status, he would have my pity because he would truly have felt happiness." - Gabriel Kole
  • "To see him on the battlefield is a terrifying and awe inspiring sight. To drink with him in the mead hall is likewise a terrifying and awe inspiring sight." - Gaius Cornelius Scipio
  • "So if I've learned anything about Elders after my many years of service to Elder Channon, is that when they speak, you better damn well be listening. Elder Magnusson is certainly no different, and rest assured I listened to every word that I could." - Guy
  • "Interesting. I hope he continues to be so." - Vengeance
  • "Tonight, we confirmed that we made the right choice. We saw the strength that was needed in a time of crisis, the unwavering courage in the face of insurmountable odds. Austin has the strong Prince it deserves. May our enemies tremble before him." - Kosto Raav
  • "This week several threats to the praxis made themselves known and Prince Olaf withstood them all, now these fools will soon ask themselves "Can we withstand Olaf?"" - Xavier Langston
  • "Austin has become so much more lively with Prince Olaf at the helm. So many threats to him and his Praxis, and yet he waves off those sent to guard him. He must be quite confident!" - Lillian Chandler
  • "A prince to be proud of. Hell and spite, son, he'd have my loyalty even without all that. He knows what real strength is, and he's like a god damn forge tempering young things like me. Shut up and listen around him. Lessons ain't apt to be loud or painless." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "Pity his enemies." - Roman
  • "He's not a bad guy, but I'm still not sure he's one of the good ones either. At least he knows how to reign in his people." - Jonny Toxic
  • "Good blood mead works as well as a boon by way of apology. Expect to be savaged if you transgress. I sometimes suspect his wing'd form is a Harpy." - Cornelia Mowebary
  • "Do not waste his time." - Gabriel
  • "He's not really like other Princes. He's quieter. I'm totally digging his aesthetic, though. Viking metal is legit. I'd like to party with him." - Britney Daye
  • "Olaf's intensity rather than his fangs or claws are what make him a credible threat and a strong survivor. I think he would take that as more a compliment than anything else, but good advice would be to pull the old wolf's tail at your own peril." - Carden d'Vergobret
  • "Olaf is an Honorable Camarillan. Which, attributed to any other Kindred, would be a contradiction in terms. But if he is the future, then we stand half a chance." - Dar Adan
  • "Oh, he is terrifying. There was no doubt he is Prince." - Patience Benette
  • "אַ נײַער מלך מיט נײַע גזרות, אַ נײַ יאָר מיט נײַע עבֿרות." - Levi Rabinowitz
  • "Son of Magnus is an old friend; where it any other who had called, I would have returned to sleep. But I am not certain that I can be what he asks me to be for his city." - Ezra of the Vanguard
  • "A simple binding does not mean an open book." - Charles Blaine
  • "I knew from the moment I saw him he had to be Prince. Who would ever try to defy him?" - Constance Benette
  • "In another life, when I breathed and bled still, I knew a Gangrel who could easily live up the legend. I... should visit Austin, once I figure out what to say if it is him." - Mischief
  • "A warlord prince keeping the peace. In Austin, Texas. Talk about a powder keg sitting on warm coals. Maybe that's just what we need, but I'm glad it's not *my* backyard." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "It is a rare occasion when I find someone so instantly deserving of my respect. I am captivated by his wisdom as much as his might." - Morvenna Mathias
  • "The man has a true and powerful gravitas, both terrifying and inspiring. I can only hope that he imparted some of his wisdom to our newest Prince, before he left town." - Noah Bauer
  • "¡Asombroso! La forma en que golpeó el suelo con el hacha y dijo: "¡¿Soy un hombre de mi palabra?!" Man. What a cool guy." - Samuel Jones
  • "Terrifying to look at; we must update the wardrobe; but insightful and wise. Listen closely, and disregard his advise at your own peril." - Christian Gerard Marceau
  • "Is my favorite snowman. I no like when he sing so much, but at least he friendly." - Landa Salinas
  • "Você quer saber por que eu me esforço para dar os lobos um assento? Observem este vampiro." - Pascoal
  • "This is a warrior at heart that appreciates the moments when weapons vary from steel to ink. This is what makes him a powerful ally, and devastating foe. Choose the former, longevity is an enjoyable thing." - Rumi
  • "Very powerful and domineering., yet polite. He has my respect as a Camarilla Prince." - Coby Hayes
  • "Il principe Olaf è un uomo di singolare impegno e volontà. Prega che non trovi la causa per trasformarli contro di te." - Arturo Pietro Giovanni
  • "When some people see a cold and rocky mountain, they smile and call it majestic vista, best observed and enjoyed from afar. Yet when I see the same cold faced mountain, I see a challenge that is begging to scaled, to find myself face to face with each craggy inch, to touch each curve and handhold until I've either shattered my body upon it, or risen vicotrious beside it." - Jack Rider
  • "Jeg var en gang hans, og selv om jeg ble stjålet lenge siden, vil han fortsatt føle meg som hjemme for meg, hvor han enn er." - Meliora
  • "Look, I'm pretty impressed when any fucking lick listens to Bathory or Ensiferum - but an actual fucking Viking?! Guy has backstage passes for life, metal as fuck!" - Johnny Dark
  • "Anyone who wears the skins of their kills could definitely be described as 'my type'." - Sofiya Rurik
  • "We met at a time when emotions were high and masks were on, both literally and figuratively. He seemed eminently comfortable with many who are dear to my heart, and I hope to one day be able to learn from him as I have learned from them." - Aodhan the Druid
  • "You think it strange I feel honored to have met him? I respect great warriors, especially my enemies. I honor the strength required of a man of martial power to meet his enemies with peace. When the Accords fall, I can only hope to have the other honor he can offer me." - Raven Tempestarii
  • "Prince Olaf stands strong in the old forest, as is proper for a bear." - Christopher Drake
  • "Brother, what is this world you survive in? So bright, so fast. I am happy you are here." - Brynjar Hrafnsen
  • "Hvis du vil se ham din fiende, vil du lære hva frykt er." - Dante N.C. Giovanni
  • "It is good that we have always been on the same side of the battle field. There is no stronger, or a more honorable, brother to have at my back." - Altani-Khan
  • "As my Prince, Elder Olaf already had my immeasurable respect. But after he saved Irish Whiskey from a Scotsman's hands, I might just follow his banner to the ends of the earth." - Winifred Caprice


  • One Kindred claims they heard the Harpy tell visiting Elders that Olaf could be the most dangerous Kindred in Austin.
  • He is not the true Olaf Magnusson founder of the House, it's all part of a large conspiracy to hide the true founder.
  • He's not actually into wearing fur. A Toreador told him it would make him look more like a murderer, and he went with it.
  • He is a Gangrel in a Malkavian's body. Have you seen how crazy he is??
  • They say the cloak he wears is a Lupine hide.
  • Did you hear? He knows how to come back from Wassail! He's done it before!
  • Criticizes Travis Fimmel's portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok on 'Vikings'.
  • Really likes Skyr.
  • I heard Olaf is the reason Berserkers were a thing. It's why he's called The Bear of the North. He was the first one!
  • Olaf was offered the office of Imperator, but refused because the Council would not grant him a lifetime supply of blood mead with it.
  • Don't tell anyone, and you didn't hear this from me...but to help keep his humanity, Olaf has a softer side. It involves beast form and petting zoos.
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