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Name: Samuel Johnson
Rank: Adren
Deed Name: High Noon Quick Draw Old Ironsides or Defends His Honor
Age: 200 (Appears to be in mid 50s, Appearance Focus, Longevity)
Current Location: San Antonio, Texas
Sept: Sept of the Rising Moon
Pack and Position: Black Turtle Pack


Homid Form:
Standing a solid six foot tall, Samuel carries himself much like someone who maybe should still be living in the last couple of centuries. He looks to be in the mid 50s, with a persistent five o'clock shadow, and a full set of wavy greying hair. He is usually seen in dark jeans and a lighter jean top with his brown leather jacket that may be as old as he is. His Colt Peacemaker no longer sits on his hip and he's seen carrying his Winchester Model 1897 shotgun.
Crinos Form:
The last time he was really seen in Crinos form was in 2008, and at the time his hair was thick and matched the color scheme of his own hair, brown with greying tips. His claws and fangs were both shattered in the fight against the Wyrm, and his body showed several scars which he wore proudly and had earned Glory in the past for.
Lupus Form:
He is a medium sized wolf with well groomed by mottled colored fur. He does not have the tattoos and crazy color schemes like many of his tribe.


Apoc PC

Player: Matthew Sinclair
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Faction: Concordat of Stars
Domain: San Antonio, TX
IC Email: Old Ironsides

Character Information



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Known Associates


  • Jo Trevino
  • Douglas Fannon

Other Persons


Fallen Friends



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  • Views on the Bitten - "Having seen the losses of sheer numbers of the Garou Nation, and hearing of what encompassed one being Bitten and their First Change, I genuinely feel that these individuals needed to be given a chance. By being given a chance, this is to prove themselves just like any other of the Garou Nation, but we don't need to be going about breaking the Litany just to give them a chance. It's a fine line that will have to be looked at by a Philodox, and that's not me."
  • What it's like being nearly 200 - “You see, young one. Life is something that teaches, that reminds, and sometimes haunts us. When you live for half a century, you see the world change around you, by the minute sometimes. When you live a full century, you see many you love die while you persist. And when you live nearly two centuries, you realize that while things are changing, patterns do repeat themselves. Recognizing those patterns while being flexible with change, that’s how you stay alive.”
  • Thoughts on Kinfolk - “Kinfolk. Take the word and look at the meaning and origin. Kin means family. In the end of the day, family and those you love are the most important things you should defend. Had a run in with a fellow Garou once, name was Ironjaw, mean ol’ SOB, but he was beating on one of his kin, and I wasn’t going to stand for it. So when he came at me, unprovoked mind you, I put a bullet in each of his knee caps. Mind you that made him mighty angry, and when he tried to swipe me with a knife, I shot his hand. I then stared into his eyes and let him know that if he ever laid a hand on her again, I’d make sure I was carrying more bullets. Eventually his eyes dropped, and the matter was for that time, settled. He didn't lay a hand on her again.”
  • Thoughts of Fera joining the Garou Nation - "Ok, so the thing I shot when I was a cub, was a Bastet...but it was Wyrm, we confirmed it. That aside, we got the hell beat out of us, and we still are. Gaia created so many different creatures in this world, and we're going to need all of them who are willing to fight with us if we hope to stand a chance. Did I believe that when I was younger? No, because I was stupid. But now I've realized that their actions and deeds speak volumes for their dedication. I've seen what Fera can do when they're tainted, and I'd much rather them be on our side thank you very much."
  • Opinions on current state of Tribe compared to Iron Riders - "I remember the day we used to be called the Iron Riders, for we were advancing with humanity on the iron rails on these new railroads. We weren't perfect, we messed up, but we've done our best. With the interweaving of so many technologies and social media we're slowly become too Weaver. A balance is needed, or we will lose this fight and the losses with be far worse."


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  • "He knows his business and does it well. He can be trusted to get the job done when the nose hits the grindstone." - Douglas Fannon
  • "He can handle his drink and knows a good investment when he see it" - Cedrick Fannon
  • "I'm sure he's disappointed in me about *something*." - Artemis Lassiker
  • "A fellow from a more honorable era, when men fought face to face and survival cared little about gender or faith." - Persona Non Grata
  • "I owe Old Ironsides more than I can ever repay him. He saw me at my best, worst, and when I needed someone to look up to. The man taught me everything I know about shooting. I expect he knows a great deal more about it than I do, which is no small feat. He's the father that I always wished I had." - Amos Fannon
  • "When I was young, I told him, 'All you can teach me is how ta grow old.' Wasn't wrong. We seen all sortsa shit, an' we always got each other's backs. Day that changes, it'll be 'cuz one of us is in th' dirt." - Judge Taco
  • "I'm keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't get into any trouble. *Someone* has to watch the watcher. Might as well be me." - Artemis
  • "Samuel.......I like that name." - Josephine Trevino
  • "When Sam's around, the world feels different, better. He's the kind of man who, no matter who you are or what you've done, he makes you feel safe and protected just being around him; like even if things go wrong, he'll be there to keep you safe and pull you up to your boots and dust you off if you should fall. Even with me around, he seems to make his own luck. He carries 'Old Ironsides' well, and is an invaluable packmate." - Dam Karma
  • "Pops....he's steady like a rock. Nothing shakes him. Not even a pain-in-the-ass ratkin like me. Good thing too. I've got a few things to learn from him yet." - Spitballer
  • "Old Ironsides is very kind and wise. I feel I am very young with how many have lived many lives I have not , but this man made me feel relevant and welcome. I am a stranger here. It will be good to have a friend," - Sylvi Anker
  • "I wish I had the old gunslinger with me at the Alamo. He's always good in a fight, and having him might have tilted our fight until the rest got there." - Amos Fannon
  • "You did WHAT! Okay...Okay...I guess it's fine if I do the things, but not okay if you do the things. I don't know why that is....ARGH! What is this feels thing? I do not do feels!." - Jo Trevino
  • "I remember him mentioning something, then adding that he was in fact around 200 years old. I told him it was perfectly fine, I'm mated to a Rokea going on a thousand years. Though, I honestly didn't know they lived that long, it still surprises me." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Well, better late than never... here comes the cavalry!" - Alexis Rangel
  • "I wasn't expecting him, but I'm glad he found me. I won't tell you the nickname my BFF has for him. Lol" - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino
  • "He can, and should, do better in his choice of a mate." - Salvador Julio de la Guerra
  • "This one is old and wise for one of Luna's Full Face. Of the Tribe that deals in man's advancements, he will be good to help me should he decide to join Black Turtle Pack." - Executioner's Resolve
  • "He reminds me of a song I heard long ago. He is unlike any other Ahroun I've met. Very few have his kindness." - Rose Marie Davis
  • "He defended my honor. It should not be a rare occurrence these days but it is. And without taking away my autonomy or independence as well. He is a good man." - Sylvi Mac Elrath
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