Oliver Francis

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Name: Oliver Francis
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Status: Acknowledged


Prior to his embrace, Oliver Frances was the founder of ldrich.com. Ldrich sought to accelerate innovation in ritual magic by reducing costs by an order of magnitude. Key to this metamorphosis were certain economies of scale. All rituals were defined programmatically and executed in a warehouse in Brooklyn with roombas that drew pentagrams and pay what you use billing for other ritual components. Perhaps the most successful offering on the platform was called 10x tarot which used bayesian ensemble techniques to bootstrap high quality readings from low quality readers. The business has pivoted with Frances' embrace, but not ceased.


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  • "The saying "The greatest threat to any Tremere is another Tremere" is why every Tremere should have their eye on this one. He'll go far, mark my words." - Jack Rider, Prince of New York
  • "It's a cruel thing to say to anyone 'this is why everyone hates you people'. Oliver, by misjudgment or misadventure, has landed himself squarely in a position to hear such cruelty repeatedly. Even from me, I'm sorry to admit. Hopefully he'll take it as inspiration to rise and change those perceptions. The other options are to find himself lost to the obscurity of a lockstep drone, or killed for the sins of others more swiftly than for his own." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "One of my favorite kindred to encounter at Court. Conversation with Mr. Francis is almost guaranteed to yield fascinating information." - Leon Astorio
  • "Clan Tremere continues to impress with even the youngest of their ilk. When age turns him elder, he may outlive us all." - Bartleby Crane
  • "Oliver's gonna either die young or end up in charge of some fuckin' secret society someday...maybe both." - Kyle Morgan



Player: Josh B.
Email: jwsbrown@techhouse.org
Storyteller: Marshall C.
Storyteller Email: vst.masquerade@nyccamarilla.org
Location: New York City, NY