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Spencer's Faerie Queen

Character Details

Name: Olivia Collins

Notable Traits: Elder. Well-known as the long-standing Harpy of Austin, Mistress Harpy of the Blood Conclave. Previously Harpy in Norwich and Talon in NYC. (OOC: Has Social Nobility & Reputation Merits)

Clan: Malkavian

Position: Harpy of Austin & Primogen

Status: When in Austin, Olivia's status use comes from her position as Harpy. When traveling, she prefers to rely on her standing as an Elder.

  • Abiding
    • Harpy: Prominent, Noble, Guardian
    • Elder: Confirmed, Established, Privledged
  • Fleeting
    • Favored by Vidal Jarbeaux, Archon to Justicar Guil
    • Courteous by Elder Prince Olaf Magnusson
    • Defender by Elder Prince Olaf Magnusson
    • Honorable by Luminary Elder The Archivist
    • Courteous by Prince Anderson of Little Rock

Olivia as Harpy

Known to be dedicated and comprehensive in the fulfillment of a Harpy's duties, Olivia also has a tendency to use her public reports as a mechanism for expressing her opinion in the form of both direct and subtle commentary. She will be more forgiving of the mistakes of an unreleased child or neonate - with the appropriate offering of a boon, but holds Elders to more exacting standards for failures, believing they should know better.

Criticism of her efforts in this role can be a quick route to enmity and open hostility, with the attendant trouble that brings.

Timeline Information

  • 1590 - Embraced during the last years of the reign of Elizabeth I, having been a ghoul for the previous 32 years.
  • 1670 – 1830 - Resident in Norwich, UK, serving as Harpy during part of that period
  • 1830 - 1839 - Curious? Just Ask.
  • 1840 – 1910 - New York City, serving as a Talon for part of that period
  • 1891 - Key Organizer of Grand Conclave, celebrating installation of Justicar Guil
  • 1911 - 1939 - Curious? Just Ask.
  • 1941 – 1965 - Colorado Springs, CO - Known to have been in torpor, body in possession of her Grandsire.
  • 1980 - 1998 - Undefined as of 3/25/18 - Enters into Coterie with Tiberius Burke, Venture (Future Prince of Austin)
  • 1999 - Helps reclaim Austin, TX for the Camarilla. Becomes Harpy in the process.
  • 2009 - Survives the Massacre of the Austin Court. Is reconfirmed by new Council as Harpy.
  • 2017 - Austin hosts Founder's Day.
  • 2018, March - After 19 years as Primogen in Austin, Olivia cedes the seat to Charles Blaine for the span of several months before reclaiming the position.
  • 2018, June - Memphis Founder's Day celebrations. Olivia's Harpy status is acknowledged by all sects present, though she was not designated as Harpy for the event.
  • 2019, Feb - Olivia kills the Shadowman, the mage who had murdered the court of Austin 10 years earlier. News of this death spreads beyond the city borders.
  • 2019, July - Olivia is the Master Harpy of the Blood Conclave in Tombstone

House Llenyddiaethau

Commonly called The llyfr, Olivia is counted among the scions of Necross' lineage. The head of the house is her grandsire, Anadia.

Child of Enzo Dubois, Olivia shares her death day with all the other members of Anadia's line on the observed feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria, the Patron Saint of Librarians, Students, Philosophers, Secretaries, Scribes (November 25).

Family Connections

  • Bernard Polk - Malkavian (Colorado Springs, CO) - A shared love of theater and lively discourse has been the foundation of their familial connection since their first encounter in 1849.
  • Enzo DuBois - The bond between Sire and Childe goes far beyond surface impressions. Even today they haven only hours apart, preferring to be readily accessible if one needs the other on short notice.

Known Associates

Fellow Harpies

  • Alexandra Morgan (Des Moines, IA) - Olivia acted as a mentor in the past
  • Peter Fredrickson (Dallas, TX) - Olivia acted as a mentor in the past
  • Madeleine Tonnerre (Malta, Former Harpy)- When Malta was being established as Camarilla holding, Olivia helped to set-up Madeleine with transfer of boons and prestation records. The two share a philosophy that mentoring new Harpies is an expectation to keep up standards.
  • Daphne Doss (Houston, TX) - After the events of Formula One in Austin, Olivia was heard to laugh with approval at Daphne's first Harpy report.
  • Mr Hagan (Phoenix, AZ) - Co-editor of the somewhat contentious Tower Herald to which Olivia is a periodic contributor.
  • Mr Miller (Los Angeles, CA) - Co-editor of the Tower Herald.
  • Pip Lancaster (Houston, TX) - Childe of Austin Toreador, Flora May Kensington, Olivia is helping Pip to find her voice as an Apex Social Predator.


  • Clara Bolton - Venture. Clara accepted Olivia's offer to be Talon in the time leading up to the 2017 Founder's Day celebrations. This could make for an interesting change in social dynamics for the city.

Social Connections

  • Heinrich Rurik Brujah (Boston, MA) - Olivia has been heard to comment favorably on his dancing skills, often to the detriment of others in comparison
  • Kosto Rav - Assamite (Austin, TX) -the political working relationship between these two Elders of Austin has been solid since reclaiming the city for the Camarilla.
  • Thomas Gunn - Malkavian - The PI has been a known associate of Olivia's since the late 1970's. He is one kindred she has been willing to trust with the transport of personal messages and valued objects d'art.
  • Cyneward the Mercian - Ventrue (Bloomington, IN) - Their relationship dates back to 1810. Olivia was instrumental in recording the boons and claims of prestation that Cyneward was leveraging during his coterie's campaign to assume control of Malta.
  • Robert - Malkavian - (Tulsa, OK) - Olivia encountered this kindred in 1967 and for a time thought he was her childe who was killed in 1820, so strong was the physical resemblance. In short order it became clear this was not the case, but she took in the orphaned embrace for a time and taught him sect history and how to comport himself appropriately.
  • Morgan Lucas - Malkavian (Austin, TX) - Sometimes referred to by the local Brujah as "Mr.Computers", Morgan was an abandoned embrace who came under Olivia's accounting as Primogen of Austin for 10 years before she released him in the Fall of 2017.
  • Ailia Carthach Malkavian (Atlanta, GA) - Theater buddies for most of 1885-1910. These two Malkavians regularly haunted Madison Square Garden and the Olympia Theatre. Rarely did a week pass without their attendance at one show, musical or spectacle. Some kindred, swore they must be Toreador in denial.

Connections Sought

OOC: Would you like to play out a common trope, or have a background gap with soap opera elements that you are trying to flesh out? I'm looking for people who want to explore any of the following: Amnesia, Abusive Sire, Cursed Artifact/McGuffin, Mystery Illness, Back from the Dead, Good Twin/Evil Twin, Fate worse than Death, Black Sheep of the Family, Buried Alive, Even Evil has Standards, Love Redeems, Luke – I am your father, Mafia Ties, Never Found the Body, Split Personality, Ghost Story, Gypsy Curse, Heel Turn, Jekyll & Hyde, Love Triangle, Resist the Beast, Secret in the Attic, Spooky Painting, Secret Admirer, Woman Scorned, You look like someone I used to know. Also open to other over the top tropes if you are inspired with another idea.


  • "Gardinen stiger og hun spiller sin del godt. Fru Harpy er en kraft som en orkan." - Olaf
  • "Elegant. Passionate. Sharp. The soul of Austin. Her dedication to Prince Burke and the Domain will not be forgotten." Thelonious Regulus
  • "‏פֿון ליידיקע פֿעסער איז דער ליאַרעם גרעסער." - Levi Rabinowitz
  • "She is a woman who takes her job very seriously. Which is refreshing. A lot of Harpies like the title without the work. But she's just as dedicated - and just as razor sharp - as any of them out there. I consider it a blessing we get along as well as we do." Simon Flint
  • "Not nearly as fun as her sire. Like, I don't know what he saw in her, total ice queen." - Karma
  • "I think she needs a night out to unwind. Whereas Mr. Computer's needed a downer, she definitely needs an upper." - Payback
  • "In the scant gossip I heard following the grand gathering in Boston, I heard of a Malkavian Harpy with a profound love of books and learning. As Boston also has a Malkavian Harpy, I would be interested in verifying the truth of these rumors, and seeing if discussions would prove...enlightening. " - Stefan Hoffman
  • "It has been my pleasure to serve under Harpy Olivia as Talon. Her priority ever proves to be the Camarilla's interests- and by proxy- the interests of the Domain of Austin. Her application of soft power should serve as an example for all of us that hope to rise within the Tower." - Felix Winchester
  • "Thoughtful. I do not only mean this in the sense that she takes consideration to her guests. She takes equal consideration, one would think, of her enemies. Given this, I can only imagine it shapes her into a potent political force indeed." - Amyntas
  • "Good can exist without evil, whereas evil cannot exist without good. Clearly it is I who need her..." - Diego Amador
  • "She is effortlessly and graciously powerful: the type of elder that inspires your loyalty, instead of demanding it. I am fortunate to have met such a considerate, lovely woman." - Noah Bauer
  • "Best believe Miss Olivia is damn near the most elegant creature you're ever like to meet. Tactful as hell too. One could aspire to be so smooth. To be entirely honest, Miss Olivia's insults are so sharp you ain't even likely to know you're cut deep until you walk a few paces away from the conversation." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "Elder Olivia reminds me of another woman by the name of Marlena, but Olivia is clearly the more elegant creature." - Roman
  • "I am reminded of an old saying - "A man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides." I am curious beyond reason as to who Olivia truly is." - Liam Kincaid
  • "It is a precious thing, a rare thing to be distinguished as Ms. Collins is. To know that so much of it comes so directly from her own talents is noteworthy in itself. She has made Austin a beacon among Harpies nationwide." - Gabriel
  • "A cathedral and a lighthouse." - Charles Blaine
  • "I dare you to speak one ill word of our lovely madam Harpy. Miss Collins is a delight; a scholar, a prim and proper bundle of wit and one of the keenest, most astute minds of our time. We do not deserve her." - Cub
  • "A bastion of sanity in this insane world, and the one kindred I model myself after more than any other." - Zebulon Kessler
  • "Super nice lady. Actually cared about my feelings. MY feelings. That's awesome." - Samuel Jones
  • "Everyone learns their craft from someone. Without her guidance, I could not have served in Malta as I did, and Austin is all the better for her continued service." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • “A Harpy” …. “And I mean that sometimes a kindred becomes the definition of an Office or Task. Harpy Olivia is one such worthy of that honor” - Æthered The Fireborn
  • "Some will know her as the pinnacle of what it means to be Mistress of Harpies... Others, as Elder. I, on the other hand, am pleased to call her a Grand Lady of Words and Wisdom." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • ""I think even her opinion of who does not have their pants on their head or their hand in the wrong person's pocket is, in itself, inherently valuable too." - Ethel Rhodes
  • "Olivia Collins seems to have long been a bastion of civility and society, well complimenting the Prince." - Christopher Drake
  • "Let us never forget that Dicky and Olivia Collins are national treasures and among the best harpies living." - The Tower Herald, Issue #27
  • "The director knows how the play must end; we merely act it." - Verkenner
  • "Your Quote here" - Your name here


  • All of the Ilfyr are known to be lovers of books, but Olivia is rumored to have a haven created solely for the purpose of containing her personal library.
  • Some gossips point towards Olivia as the cause of the 1849 Astor Place Riot in New York City, citing her passion at the time for the monthly installments of Charles Dicken's Old Curiosity Shoppe.
  • Olivia was out of circulation for over two decades starting in the 1940's. The story goes that she was so distraught over the death of Baroness Orczy that she went into voluntary torpor from the heart break.
  • When asked why she was not an active contributor to the Tower Herald, Olivia gestured toward the Harpy Reports of Austin. "These residents of the Violet Crown keep me busy and my first duty lies here."
  • Olivia is actually a Ventrue, who House Ilfyr is harboring in Clan Malkavian because a lifeboon was called in by her true sire some 300 years ago. She is stronger in the blood than she claims to be - so the question is, who is she really?
  • It seems, in anticipation of the blood accords, Olivia has become a preferred Harpy for members of the Sabbat to register prestation when involving members of the Tower.

OOC Information

Player: Kelley Barnes

Player Email: krisnitori@nyctophobia.com

Storyteller: Daniel Briscoe

Storyteller Email: sc.austin.masquerade@gmail.com

Location: Austin, Texas

Mailing Address for IC Letters: Kelley Barnes, 300 North Fifth Street, Pflugerville, TX 78660.