Ophelia St. Germaine

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Name: Ophelia St. Germaine

Notable Traits: Supreme Resting Bitch Face; Blood Potency 7

Type: Vampire

Character Type Subgroup: Ventrue Invictus

Ophelia was the Prince before the Event, and still lays claim to the title and the power associated with it. No-one is certain of her age, and if asked she’ll either give you a look of disdain or reply with simply “old enough”. She is wealthy and seems to have at least a passing financial interest in much of Northampton and her eyes are set on expanding her influence to Milton Keynes. Always favouring black business attire, she is rarely seen except when she wants to remind others of her ‘position’ as Prince of the local Kindred.


The War of Tooth and Claw in 1645 during the English Civil War, Beasts and Werewolves ended up on opposite sides and nearly wiped each other out, leaving a power vacuum for the Vampires to slip in to. The Great Fire of Northampton in 1675, allowed for a consolidation of vampire political power, one of which is known today as Ophelia St. Germain, into the power structure of this town. With their machinations, the town grows. The Night of Blood and Lightning in 1916 A brief, but fierce conflict breaks out between the Mages and the Vampires in the vicinity of Overend Green Farm and Shenley Hill Road. Reports state hearing eleven explosions during the night, and in the morning there were eleven holes, each seven foot deep and ten foot across, but the only damage was a few broken window panes and a single dead rabbit. This was covered up to indicate a passing German Zeppelin having dropped his payload in the area. In reality it was the supernatural conflict.

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MKNPC.Opheliamarker.png Doom Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty
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MKNPC.Opheliamarker.png Oberon Fellow Leader of the Woburn Treaty

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MKNPC.Opheliamarker.png "She's a stone cold bitch, but not entirely unreasonable. As long as she stays the fuck out of my head." - Lisbeth Benson
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This is an NPC for the Milton Keynes CoD-X Game