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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Ora James

Notable Traits: Mark of the Predator

Pack: The Menagerie



Ora is is a young woman with bright, purple hair, sparkling green eyes, and a cheerful, easy smile. She's often seen wearing faded, ripped jeans and a t-shirt, her hair pulled back with a cheetah-print headbang. She carries a massive messenger bag slung over her back that jingles slightly when she walks. Despite her cheerful appearance, she has an air of menace about her, and that smile doesn't quite hide the slightly vicious look in her eyes.


Ora is a bouncy, cheerful, excitable young woman who has a knack for being exactly where she’s needed most. She is friendly and outgoing, and seems to ignore most of the negativity that anyone might offer to a Fera. She feels no need to justify her existence or the things she has done in the past to help the Nation, but she is more than willing to stand up for herself and others around her. She’s the kind of woman who makes friends easily, and once she has adopted you into her family/pack, she will always be there to help and support you should the need ever arise.

Fiercely dedicated to her people and her cause, she is not one to back down from a fight. When shit gets real, gone is the perky young woman, replaced with a sleek and dedicated killing machine. As a Dusk Ajaba, she is good at sneaking and killing, though not always in that order. If anything is likely to kill her, it’ll probably be her overconfidence.

She tends to wear comfortable clothes that she can move and fight in, and often sports brightly colored hair. She has a special love for Black Furies and strong women, and will often spend time volunteering at women’s shelters. While she tries to avoid letting her temper get the best of her, there have been several instances where a man who has beat his wife has gone missing or ended up in the hospital. She often carries hard candies of some kind with her, and is known for pelting her packmates with sweet bits of candy when they’re doing something dumb.

She has no love for the Simba, but she will work alongside them, very reluctantly. She was raised in the Ahadi, and she understands the importance of maintaining ties...but she also saw the aftermath of Black Tooth’s reign of terror, and that is something she hasn’t forgotten. She is hesitant with most Bastet, but she will work with them.

She is close with Kisasi, the leader of the Ajaba and the Ahadi, and she learned at her knee. Much of Ora’s desire for a united Nation, and her drive to help others and protect the sacred spaces comes from her time spent fighting in the Ahadi at Kisasi’s side.

Ora has made it her goal to meet all of the Ajaba who are currently part of the Nation, and maintain ties with them. In part, this stems from a desire to ensure her people are safe and cared for, but she also wishes to ensure their history isn’t lost. It can be tough out there for an Ajaba, and she has felt the touch of Harano, and she will not let anyone else go through that.


  • 1990 - Born to Reva and Anthony James. Reva is an Ajaba, Anthony is a British man who splits his time between the UK and South Africa. She is largely raised by her mother, however she does spend time with her father’s family. Reva is a member of Kisasi’s pack and clan.
  • 1994 - Reva James is killed by Blacktooth. The remainder of the pack elects to keep Ora in Africa, raising her in the traditional Ajaba way. Although Ora does spend time with her father’s family, much of her education comes from the Ajaba of the pack. She forges a close bond with Kisasi in particular, which persists as more members of the pack pass away. Ora spends her summers with James LaCroix, who visits family in South Africa. Although they come from very different worlds, the two young shifters are encouraged to interact and become friends.
  • 1997-2005 - Actively assisted the Ahadi in Africa, fought alongside other Ajaba, trained from a young age. Despite only being kin at the time, she was there when Blacktooth was defeated. She is encouraged in her pursuits by Kisasi, and she views the leader of the Ahadi as a surrogate mother.
  • 2005 - First Change as Banes attack her home caern near Gaborone. Her pack, consisting largely of cub Ajaba, helped to fight the rising banes in the Kalahari desert. Several of them died before they could officially become Cliath.
  • 2006 - Rite of Passage completed. Given her activity during the rise of the ancient banes, her RoP was largely handwaved.
  • 2008-2010 - As the Gnostic Plague hits the Nation, Ora travels throughout Africa with the remnants of her pack, working to help protect the Caerns there. She spends a great deal of time in Morocco, at the Wheel of Ptah, working to protect the Moon Bridge Nexus there. She also frequents the Dark River Caern, and she maintains close ties to the people there.
  • 2010 - Ora leaves Africa and begins to travel the world, moving from Caern to Caern to offer her services. Some Caerns fall, others survive, but her focus is on saving as many shifters from the Wyrm as possible. During this time, she joins and leaves numerous packs, always looking to find new friends and people to tie her to the place where she is currently fighting.
  • 2012 - Ora returns to Africa to assist with planting the shard caerns there, and then strikes out again. She also returns to the Wheel of Ptah and the Dark River Caern to assist them in fortifying their defenses. As kin to Kisasi, she is welcomed at the caerns, and she works to maintain close ties with them.
  • 2014 - Ora finds herself without a pack for the first time in her life. She spends several months deep in the throes of Harano as she mourns the death of her packmates. It’s a dark time for Ora, but she eventually is able to claw her way back to sanity, thanks in large part to her foster-sister Ashanti. This is one of the driving forces behind her current outlook on life--she has seen the darkness, and she refuses to go back there again. Once healed, Ora and Ashanti make their way back to the United States, though getting Ashanti on the plane was quite the challenge.
  • 2015 - Ora officially leaves the Ahadi and joins the Garou Nation. Although she has straddled that line for much of her life, she has decided that the Nation is in greater need of her assistance. She is encouraged to do so by her mother, to act as an emissary between the Ahadi and the Nation and continue to foster the positive relationship there. Ora maintains close ties with Kisasi, despite the distance between them.
  • 2016 - Ora hears of a new sept being considered in Puerto Rico. She assists the Garou with transplanting the shard seed to its new home. As she travels, she reunites with James, her childhood friend, and the Menagerie pack is formed. With the new shard seed planted in Puerto Rico, Ora makes the decision to remain on the island for a time to protect the seed that she helped to carry.
  • Current - Although Ora lives in Puerto Rico, she enjoys traveling when she is able, particularly if she has the opportunity to help another sept or meet new Ajaba.


  • Ora has no enemies. Or at least, their bodies are never found...
  • ...cause she eats them.
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.


  • "The way she whoops and cackles in a battle is chilling. And remind me not to die anywhere near her. I'm not keen on my body getting eaten like carrion." - Madison Walsh
  • "There is something deeply off-putting about her, and that is because rather than in spite of the strange kinship I sense between our peoples. It is like looking through a mirror and finding the reflection skewed in a thousand ways so that you can see that it should look like you, but instead, finding yourself drawn most clearly by the differences. Ora James is a strong and cunning ally I would call on again in a heartbeat. And that is why she makes me uncomfortable." - Ambrose Silverheart
  • "Ora is our Den Parent, yes she is a Fera and of the Hyena tribe. Your concern is noted and discarded. See the thing is, she cares. I mean, she CARES about her Cubs and young Fera. She treats them like I expect a Den Parent would. She is part of my Sept, and that means when I am able to find a Mate and make my own children with them, I will be trusting her to raise them as well. I am not concerned to give her this." - Amasis Sabry
  • " Let others speak of softness. Of warmth. Of life. I have seen the ice in her eyes when Duty is demanded. She will lead her people to greatness." - Ice Ghost

Friends & Family

Ties Wanted! Anything and everything! Ora has spent much of the last decade traveling, meeting Garou and Changing Breeds, and helping Caerns who were in need of assistance. In particular:

  • Former Packmates - Ora often looks for a pack in the places she lands, looking for that connection that will help her stave off Harano while she fights
  • Friends - People she has grown close to over the years
  • Family - Other Ajaba - it is possible her father was a kinfolk to a Garou tribe, so family ties are possible there as well
  • Lovers - Girl’s gotta relax somehow. These relationships are often brief affairs, more of a friends with benefits situation than anything lasting. She’s not looking for a mate, just companionship.
  • Enemies - Not everyone likes the Changing Breeds, and some probably think she’s part of the problem. This could also be people from a Caern that she failed to save.

If you’re interested in ties, feel free to either add your PC and our tie below (seriously, it’s unlikely I’ll veto anything!) or ping me and we can chat more. Feel free to put a few sentences and start a story!

OOC Information

Player: April Douglas

Player Email: singeraprildawn@gmail.com

Storyteller: Eddie Sanchez

Storyteller Email: mes-virtual-apoc-staff@googlegroups.com

Location: Puerto Rico