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He is the inspiration for Jaws, the Shallows, any movie/book/etc that paints sharks in a bad light, that's him. He's the force that so many work against, appearing as a mindless killing machine, hell-bent on revenge and the purging of Man in the waters of the Sea. Yet so many follow in his footsteps, each and every numerous Slew named Ornery Squamus, taking action against mankind and more. He is the reason for man's natural fear of the depths of the Sea.
Ornery is an old Shark, his age isn’t quite known and most older Rokea have always referred to him. He is an avid hater and hunter of humans. If they are human and in his ocean, he will seek to kill them.
Ornery is missing an eye. It is rumored that Atlantis took the eye when he sought to prevent them from allowing the Rokea to leave the Sea. This is in addition to hundreds of smaller wounds covering his body. If he has ever taken human form, no one has ever seen it.

Ornery Tooth.png Probably the only reason that he's still around is because no one knows how old he is, and Rokea are few and far between anyways... killing him doesn't serve them any good.

Ornery Tooth.png Killing all homid born rokea and kinfolk doesn’t serve any good either and goes against the request of the Leviathans.

Ornery Tooth.png Him and his followers are no longer allowed to hunt and kill longfins or Kadugo.
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Ornery Tooth.png "Everyone usually complains and dreads their in-laws coming over and staying for a while. They just never have to worry about their 'father-in-law' wanting to actually kill them. Needless to say, when he comes to the waters near us, I take a vacation, far away. - Priscilla Lamnidae
Ornery Tooth.png Kin slayer. Butcher. Murder. He embodies Kun crimes against Homids. - Landswimmer
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