Osha Bright Song

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Following the Burning of the Sept of a white fields, Osha succumbed to harano, and has died.

Name: Osha

Deed Name: Bright Song

Pack: Spirits & Shadows

Breed: Homid

Tribe: Gurahl - Ice Stalker

Auspice: Kojubat

Rank: Adren

Sept: The Sept of the White Fields

Osha, Bright Song is a Gurahl Kojubat (galliard) from the Arctic Circle, and she is an optimistic, kind, and loving person who is seeking knowledge and a way to help the Garou. She grew up very sheltered in the isolationist Gurahl ways in the Arctic Circle, her mother dying in childbirth leaving her to be raised by the Ursine Gurahl. Osha’s biggest weaknesses deal with her deeply curious nature, as she is prone to distractions and wandering, and her fierce desire to protect the cubs.


  • Born on January 15, 1973
  • Underwent her First Change in 1986
  • 2003, lost her eye failing to protect her cub, Tulok, from a group of armed Pentex researchers
  • 2003-2008 hibernated from grief, woke to the news of the Gnostic Plague
  • 2011, set out in search of a new purpose after the Mokole came to the Gurahl
  • Accepted into the Garou Nation in 2015, in a small sept in Manitoba, Canada.


  • One eye
  • A horrendous scar around her missing eye
  • Always cheerful, with a deep pain in her eye


  • Osha was in charge of protecting her cubs when one was killed under her watch.
  • Osha has disdain for her tribe, and believes that the Gurahl must make reparations for the War of Rage
  • Osha is a follower, and seeks to be led only by Garou.
  • Osha has learned the Aspect of the Death Bear and intends on using it.


• Cleanse the Tainted
• Guard the Secrets
• Respect the Elder
• Remember Your History
• Avenge Wrongful Slaying
• Cherish the Cubs
• Protect the Land
• Heal the Sick
• Nurture the Needy
• Teach the Supplicant
• Breed Wisely


From Osha:

  • ...

About Osha:

  • "Mmm, this one's a good bear. Short as a stump, but she carries herself as tall and sturdy as a tree. Just the right chatter level for her people, too. I approve." - 'Spector
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Osha Bright Song

Tribe: Gurahl
Auspice: Kojubat (Galliard)
Sept: Sept of the White Fields
Player: Caroline Tanzi
VST: Joshua Smith, VST

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