Osip Ugor-Zhilov

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Osip Ugor-Zhilov

Osip Ugor-Zhilov
Osip Ugor-Zhilov
Osip Ugor-Zhilov

Osip Ugor-Zhilov

Osip Ugor-Zhilov

Osip Ugor-Zhilov

Osip Ugor-Zhilov

Osip Ugor-Zhilov


Osip Ugor-Zhilov


Clan: Rogue Tremere
Sect: Anarch


Committed Anarch
Architect of Sanctuary
Connected | Faust, Baron | 11/11/2017
Victorious | Symbel for Nephytys | 9/9/2017
Connected | Popular Acclaim | 9/9/2017
Connected | Popular Acclaim | 7/7/2017
Connected | Popular Acclaim | 7/6/2017


Cincinnati, OH

Known Associates

Regina Quinn, Ventrue Anarch, Cincinnati
Ginger, Caitiff Anarch from Cincinnati
Doc Shulz, Caitiff Anarch from Cincinnati
Raphael, Caitiff Anarch from Cincinnati
Sophia, Lasombra Anarch
Waylon Royce, Lasombra Anarch
Maggot, Nosferatu Anarch
Dante, Lasombra Anarch

OOC Information

Clan: Rogue Tremere
Sect: Anarch
Domain: Cincinnati
Player: Greg G

Notable Traits and Style

Osip usually wears Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts and a khaki hat. He also keeps sunglasses hanging from his shirt collar, wears a pinkie ring and is always smoking a cigar or cigarillo.

Rumors and Quotes

* Osip's heroin trade is a front for his real business: illegal diamonds
* His Russian accent is fake.
* Folsom Prison Blues was written about Osip
* The KGB targeted Osip for repatriation
* Osip got Princess a pixie for her birthday.
* Favorite karaoke song: Pimps Don't Cry


  • At the height of the cocaine invasion of Miami, FL in the 1970s, Osip was a small-time dealer and enforcer for the Medellin Cartel.
  • He was embraced to get a foot in the Cartel’s operation.
  • With his newfound success Osip began thinking his sire needed him more than he needed his Sire, and Osip turned to the Anarch Movement.
  • His Sire was destroyed for violating the Tradition of Progeny and Osip was tribunaled by the Pyramid.
  • In the early 80’s Osip met up with a Caitiff Anarch, named Ginger. They robbed banks, money transports and even casinos in their wake.
  • He began supplying guns to Buzzard and his Sons of Carthage MC
  • As the 90s came around Osip spent five years building his business in various cities.
  • In 1996 heroin stopped flowing out of Afghanistan, Osip began producing heroin. He also pulled several heists with Waylon Royce
  • All went well for several years; Until September 11, 2001. Heroin soon began flowing out of Afghanistan.
  • He briefly moved into Meth, Ecstasy, and Molly before closing shop.
  • In 2003 Osip supplied weapons and counterfeited cash to the Anarchs in Indianapolis for their war to take the city from the Camarilla. He had done the same thing a couple years early in Columbus.
  • 2010: March. Amidst Marguerite Foccart's Anarch push, Dante reaches out to Osip to help out with cash and weapons as he had done for Indianapolis back in 2003.
  • 2013: December. Dante flies out with his Anarch Gang, the Watchdogs, to meet Osip in person, talk to him about his philosophy and meet the local Anarchs as well as his gang before returnign to a hotbed of political turmoil in San Diego.
  • 2014: February. In the middle of a three-way war, Dante asks for assistance in cash and weapons to help fight off the Camarilla and the Sabbat.
  • 2015: March. A cease-fire agreement is finally hammered out called the Silver Strand Accord. It's only meant to last for a year, so Dante gives Osip the head's up. The two continue communications about updates to each other's area.

Osip has spent the last several years reconsidering and refining his business model. He relaunched his heroin trade focusing on sound business fundamentals: his non-existent overhead and transportation costs, producing a single high quality product, and the discretion of his operation.

Osip Ugor-Zhilov

Crimes Against the Camarilla

  • Created Without Permission
  • Rogue Tremere
  • Escaped Wizards Walk Alive

Created by: Greg G