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Personal Information

Full Name: Osvif Skorrisson
Date of Birth: 1017 AD
Embrace: 1067 AD
Apparent Age: 52
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: Elder
Position: Elder
City: Santo Domingo, DR
Player Name: Derek Stark
Camarilla Number: US2014050040
OOC Email: Derek Stark
IC Email: Osvif Skorrisson
VST Email: Online VSS ST


  • Acknowledged in the Dominican Republic as a Member of the Camarilla.
  • Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as Elder of the Camarilla.

Visible Features

  • Awkward Mobility - Walks with a limp, favoring his right leg.
  • Permanent Wound - The right side of his body is burned from a fire, prior to his embrace.



  • Artisan Item: Minor Boon
  • Masterwork Item: Major Boon
  • Absent Sway Masterwork Item: Major Boon W/ Influence Assistance.



1017 AD - Osvif Skorrisson is born to Skorris & Hilga. Hilga dies in childbirth. Skorris leaves the raising of Osvif to Gyda his older sister.

1066 AD - Osvif while working late on carving a figurehead. Is attacked in his workshop. He is able to make out the strange red glow from the eyes of the attacker. Osvif is left burned from the encounter, his entire rightside. Most of the damage on his lower right leg.

1067 AD - Osvif, while recuperating in the Eastern Settlement of Greenland, in Herjolfsnes meets Narses Laevinus Cato. Narses makes note of the Craftsmanship of the Dragon figurehead on the front of the trading longships. Narses befriends Osvif and the two become close. Osvif is embraced because of his skills in crafting, and becomes Toreador. Osvif becomes part of the Farmand Lineage. The scars on Osvif heal, except for those on his right leg. He continues to have to heal them nightly with the usage of blood.

1067 AD - 1130 AD - Osvif lives in relative silence in Herjolfsnes. Only leaving when summoned by Narses, or others of the lineage. During his time, he starts creating works of art, which he gifts to the other Jarls around Herjolfsnes. Making political ties and securing himself alliances.

1130 AD - Osvif learned to speak English, from a traveler from Gwynedd. Osvif leaves Herjolfsnes, and follows the traveler to Gwynedd. While in Osvif, he has a romantic affair with a fellow Vampire. She is part of the Lhiannan clan. He only ever learned of her clan, she was reluctant to speak of anything else.

1131 AD - Osvif learns Latin, as the language starts to be commonly used in poetry and prose, and by his sire. He also surprises Narses his sire. Osvif tries to continues his relationship with Aeronwen, but She forces him to return home. She claims something bad is coming, but refuses to tell him. He reluctantly follows her wishes, and leaves.

1170 AD - Travels back to Herjolfsnes where he can be out of the conflict. He continues crafting for the local village. Soon he starts selling his talents to others.

1249 AD - Osvif takes a commission job to carve a wooden bust for a nobleman. He Moves to Northwestern France, where he befriended a Order of Trinitarian Monks, One of them being Brother Sebastian. Osvif interested in learning that of other religions, requested the services of Brother Sebastian as a tutor. Although it was strange that there meetings only took place after dusk. Brother Sebastian just assumed it was because of Osvif’s burns. After a year of tutelage Osvif made his true self evident to Brother Sebastian. In hopes of having a reliable Servant. And Osvif was ready for a childer.

1250 AD - Osvif never forced Brother Sebastian. It was his decision if he would be embraced. Osvif was very open about the process and what he would become. Answering any questions the Monk had. For the next few months, Osvif allowed Brother Sebastian to know of his secret, and question rather he wanted to be changed. When Brother Sebastian finally agreed. Osvif performed the embrace, causing a minimum amount of pain as possible. Months after Brother Sebastian’s Embrace, the two were working closely with one another, and Osvif bumped into Brother Sebastian, Brother Sebastian assumed that Osvif could not tell that he was keeping a rather large secret from him. When the two bumped into one another. Osvif felt womanly curves in her torso area. In, truth, Osvif knew of this secret and had known about it for the last year. He never cared that she hid her Gender from him, Nor did he ever ask why. Only that she would be a companion for the years to come.

1345 AD - Osvif upon hearing about the Black Death. Takes it as an opportunity to travel and feed freely from those with sickness, knowing he won't be affected. Osvif meets other vampires during this time who are also taking advantage of the countless deaths. (Open for ties)

1391 AD - Osvif hears about a new sort of Vampire. Something that is quickly moving through Europe, He quickly makes haste back to Herjolfsnes in hopes the outrun the Diablerist Anarchs.

1400 AD - Osvif’s hears about the Inquisition and what they had done to Aeronwen and her entire bloodline. Rage fills his heart.

1400 AD - 1600 AD - Osvif continues to live in Herjolfsnes, before the settlement finally collapses. Historical records do suggest that ships from Europe arrived less frequently owing to the worsening sea conditions. The Norwegian Crown and Roman Catholic Church (through the Archdiocese of Nidaros in Norway) eventually abandoned the colony to its own devices, although some Popes were aware of the situation. By 1448, Pope Nicholas V lamented that Greenland ("a region situated at the uttermost end of the earth") had been without a resident Bishop for about 30 years. These concerns were echoed in a letter dated circa 1500 by Pope Alexander VI, who believed that no communion had been performed in Greenland for a century, and that no ship had visited there in the past 80 years.

1600 AD - Osvif leaves Herjolfsnes for good. Leaving behind only trace accounts of the Viking Civilization that once dwelled there. He made his way across the Ocean to the Americas. He takes much of the art which he created and hides it in a sealed cavern just outside of town.

1776 AD - During the American Revolution, Osvif keeps north in Newfoundland. Osvif travels with Narses during this time. (Open For Ties)

1840 AD - Osvif moves to Malta, He feels more at home surrounding again by the Ocean. (Setting up ties in Malta Historical Group to have been Primogen during his time there. Joining a Boon Lottery so I can spread more Boons around and get some favors myself.) 2017-09-VtM-0040-037

1940 AD - Leaves Malta, and travels across the Ocean to the Dominican Republic. 2017-09-VtM-0040-037

1999 AD - The Red Star appears, and for the next month, Osvif can't focus on his crafting, and his ability to put emotion into his works of art, fail to come to pass. He finally goes away after a few weeks.

2005 AD - Is moments away from meeting the Sun, during the Nights of Turmoil. If not for remembering Aeronwen, and the love the two of them once had. He is able to break the compulsion and flee from the rays at the last moment.

2012 AD - The Chicago Blood Accord. Because of the countless fighting between the Sabbat, the Anarchs and the Camarilla. Osvif welcomes the Chicago Blood Accord. He feels it is the right steps towards peace with the other factions.

2017 AD - Chronicle Start.

Known Photos




Rumors, Truths, and Lies

  • "He was burned before his embrace, and still has the scars."
  • "He is able to put emotions into the items he carves."
  • "He is trying to get on the Council of Muses."
  • "He comes from a long line of Vikings."
  • "Is working on something called the Bajos de Haina Project."


  • "There's a saying that when a person loses a sense, the others are heightened. This is infinitely true with Osvif... just ask him. Or rather... just sit in front of him, he'll answer the question before you ask it." - Övé Háskell
  • "I knew my memories were not failing me, I'm not that old." - Said to Eleanore Laurent, Ventrue
  • "The Elder Skorrisson and I walk a similar path.. I mean we both now have spent the best part of two centuries on two different islands. Æthered
  • "Quotes" - yournamehere

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