Oswould Crowley

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shattered mirror

Commonly Known Information

Nicknames or Aliases: Haigha

Notable Traits: Known to stand silently for awkward periods, known hunter of serial killers

Society: Anarch

Clan: Malkavian


Oswould Crowley was born to parents of some means in the winter of 1615. His early years are long forgotten and that is for the best. When he was admitted to Bethlem Royal Hospital in 1628 there were noted signs of abuse and scars that covered most of his body. His mind was shattered beyond what the physicians of the time could hope to treat. Many years were spent in chains at that accursed place. His screams were among the most terrible as even at that time his perception was not understood. Oswould suffered from a form of Synesthesia. His few moments of lucidity were not recognized as anything other than gibberish as he asked to have the sun turned down because it was too loud or to have the institution cleaned out because the smells of sewage that often overflowed the halls were just too bright and were blinding him.

In the year 1662 Oswould came to the attention of the dark being who would become his vampiric Sire. The twisted and raving maniac that remained chained to the bed fascinated one of Clan Malkavian. His mind was a tortured thing that hadn't known but a few coherent hours since early childhood. It took years for even the skills and powers of that dark Kindred to pierce the shattered mind of Oswould Crowley. After many quiet nights of smelling the strange quiet voice that cooed to him as a rational person, Oswould was able to comprehend that this... person... no... thing was actually trying to help him, help him as no one had before. After one particularly long conversation about Oracles and something about Greece he realized that his one shining beacon of kindness was a woman, a beautiful woman whose twisted and scarred face was truly the most sublimely gorgeous face he had ever seen. Her hunched back was perfection in human form and he would never again see anything so wonderful. Gradually, he was able to understand most of what he was told and she told him so very much. She told him the he was Mad, quite Mad and that his Madness gave him insight into the inner workings of the world. He had no concept of being given anything so he was puzzled by her declarations. During the changes when the new Bethlem Royal Hospital was built in Moorfields one patient was somehow misplaced and starting in April 1676 Oswould was a free man. He did not understand what he was to do because his food did not appear at his door and no one came to empty his chamberpot, even once or twice a week as had been the habit at Bedlam. He heard people talk about the Hospital being such a terrible place but he didn't really understand what was so wrong about a place where the insane were chained to beds or walls, beaten, starved and left to lie in their own excrement for years on end. I mean that is just the normal world. It has always been that way.

Two weeks of freedom was all that Oswould could deal with. His Dark Mistress came to him in the night and took that which she had gifted him with away. He was nearly lucid but slipped right back into raving insanity like it was his most comfortable plush chair. The first taste of Vitae splintered his mind worse than it had ever been. His perceptions crawled around his head and hers. He could see everything around him and the details were bringing tears to his eyes. It was too much, so far beyond too much. He saw reality. He saw imagination. He was that which is. He saw that which should not be. Finally, he saw everything. He felt it all touching him as no one had ever touched him. His skin burned as all of the universe opened it's eyes to him and he screamed. Oswould screamed for seven nights and slept like the dead for seven days. After that he calmed enough to realize that he was in control of his senses for the first time in his life. He did not like it. The world smelled. There was to much... reality, too much of everything to deal with. He longed to be back in chains. He longed to know that he was broken but now he had to know, had to know... Everything.

Oswould remained near the Bethlem Hospital for about one year, spying on various patients and observing the goings on around London. He assisted in the arrest of several criminals whose crimes impacted Kindred interests. Rumors reached him in 1677 of someone conducting Black Masses in Paris so he elected to move there to investigate. Oswould taught many methods of investigation to Gabriel Nicolas de la Reynie, the Lieutenant General of Police of Paris. He acted as one of the Lt. General's most trusted "Flies" or informers. His skills were instrumental in capturing and solidifying the case against La Voisin, who was one of the most notorious poisoners in the city and led a large network of witches who were conducting poisonings, abortions, and black masses. Oswould headed hundreds of investigations for Princes all over Europe. His skills were unmatched by anyone as young as he was and many Camarilla members tried unsuccessfully to woo him to leave the Anarch movement but he steadfastly refused, stating that he required the freedom to work and not be mired in politics.


Oswould has not been heard from in over a century. He once had a reputation for finding the most violent of murderers.


Has recently associated with Mr. T, a very peculiar Tlacique

Hired the services of Anarch mercenary and bodyguard Jean Earhart.

Public Boons Held

Public Boons Owed

Owes Jean Earhart 1 minor for services rendered.

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