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Commonly Known Information

Name: Oswulf

Notable Traits: Is never seen *not* wearing green. He also appears vampiric, entering the uncanny valley--aka clearly on a path of enlightenment.

Society: Sabbat

Clan: Malkavian

Pack: Les bâtards du régent, priest


In the 5th century, King Eadwacer captured Angers in northwestern France. Although the land was soon retaken by Childric I, Oswulf's ancestors remained and half a millennium later, he was born. Oswulf showed a quick wit, an excellent memory and a dramatic flare. He was not, however, terribly gifted at hunting or working the fields and earned his keep caring for the village's children.

He was embraced.

It was under the nom-de-plume "Osric Wulff" that he took up residence in Carcassonne. There he met Ysabette. He granted her not the curse of vampirism but the longevity of the ghoul and they were inseparable, he offering her protection and wisdom, she rejuvenating his compassion and humanity. Until she was destroyed. Oswulf can't prove it, but he is certain that the Toreador Phillipe LeChat was responsible. It was not long after that LeChat was bloodhunted when evidence came to light that he was a traitor to kindred kind. (OOC note: LeChat is a throwaway NPC and can be replaced with another name for the sake of PC ties)

Oswulf was devastated, he questioned the very nature of existence, he despaired of mortals and of the older generation and joined the Anarch Revolt, scoffing at the Convention of Thorns and joining in the Sacking of Silchester.

Oswulf placed himself under the tutelage of Zână who taught him the rituals of the sabbat. Then he made his way to the New World where he exists to this day, serving the Sword of Caine.

  • 1117 Born in Northern France.
  • 1161 Embraced by Cacophonix.
  • 1204 Moved to Carcassonne, went by "Osric Wulff".
  • 1439 Death of Ysabette, Osric disappears.
  • 1441 Oswulf joins the Anarch Revolt.
  • 14? Oswulf studies the Path of Caine under (Tzimsce? tutor)
  • 14? Acquires fragments of the Book of Nod with the help of Constantin Alexandru.
  • 14? Studies Sabbat Ritae under Zână
  • 1493 Participates in the Sacking of Silchester.
  • 1494 Travels to the New World.
  • 1500 - present: Does sabbatty things. replace this with ties, et al.
  • 1901 Works with Michael Cooper to anticipate and repel Campires fleeing Galveston, using his own supernatural senses paired with Michael's tracking abilities and feeding relevant information to local packs & war parties.

Who do people say I am? A section for your comments, quotes, rumors, et al.

  • Odd old Frenchman, one of the first frenchman that I have had a reason to like. A bit unhinged at times but good man~ Jakob Hamzha Singleton

OOC Information

Player: David McCorkell

Player Email: oswulf@hotmail.com

Storyteller: Kelley M.

Storyteller Email: Houston.Sabbat.VST@gmail.com

Location: Pasadena / Channelview