Oxlahun Ollin

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Oxlahun Ollin



1897: Born to a Nahua community outside of Orizaba, Mexico.

1899: Anointed into the ancestral Path of the Tlahui.


1910: Joins the Mexican Revolution with his father as curanderos under the command of Emiliano Zapata.

1914: After the US occupation of Veracruz, joins the Northern Army against his father's pleas.

1916: Part of a sortie into US territory. Disillusioned with the war, leaves the army.

1919: Tales of an area hermit with talent in healing both human and animal attracts the attention of Las Cruces College.

1921: Becomes unofficial faculty. Begins notating traditional herbalist practices.

1929: Economic fears set in. As a target for forced repatriation, flees to the North East.

1930: Settles in New York City. Unwittingly abets a crime syndicate. Flees NYC after a troubling embrace.

1931: Encounters the Kindred Tyr while in the wilderness.

1900s cont.

1936: Invigored by the teachings of Tyr, heads West and reintegrates into Kindred society.

1941: Ravenous for mystic tomes, develops relationships with West Coast Giovanni.

1965: Is dispatched to NYC to disrupt a land-grab of Setite territory. Succeeds through unconventional methods.

1979: Returns to NYC with a path to reinvigorate his deadened magical abilities. This path presumably fails.

1983: Unmoored, comes in contact with a powerful coterie of West Coast Giovanni with common Mexican roots.


2017: As an agent for certain stakeholders, steps back into NYC as a Praxis War envelops the city.

2018: At the behest of the Tlatoani relocates to NYC to assist with an infernalist resurgence. Involved with a raid on Pentex to rescue the Prince. Discovers the whereabouts of IA traitors and delivers them to the High Priest of the Southwest. As part of "The Study Buddies" assists a cross-sect take-down of a Baali threat.


"A very welcome visitor to the city. His interesting sense of timing has already drawn some attention." - Mara Nordahl
"He is too perfect. It's not that this doesn't concern me, it's just that I've had the opportunity to know many of his clan.
They've raised being just what you need just when you need it to a fine art." - Dottie Youngblood
"I've only had the pleasure of meeting him recently, but his sense of art is compelling enough to get to know further." - Thomasine Cary
"I like working with him, but I get the impression that someday he's gonna find out what I never knew I wanted--and I'm gonna be fucked." - Kyle Morgan

"Deja una si quieras." - Alguien

OOC Information

Player: Lorenzo Hernandez

Storyteller: Marshall C.

Storyteller Email: vst.masquerade@nyccamarilla.org

Location: NYC