Ozma Tennet

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Name: Ozma Tennet

Notable Traits: Fame 2: Daughter of famous skyscraper architect, Maximillian Tennet, the King of Glass and Steel

Pack: TBD

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: TBD (Richmond, VA)


Having undergone her first change very recently (March 2017), Ozma could be considered a lost cub of the Ananasi, set adrift in a sea of Garou and other Fera. She has never met another Ananasi.




  • - Ozma prays to Queen Ananasa every night before bed: "Are you there, Queen Ananasa? It's me, Ozma."
  • - During her first change, Ozma "accidentally" ate her entire sorority. Whatever. They were soooo last season.
  • - Ozma's bff is the Glasswalker Ahroun Izzy Bulletproof.
  • - Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Gie

Player Email: fairfallen at gmail dot com

Storyteller: DJ Hicks

Storyteller Email: rva.apoc.st@gmail.com

Location: Richmond, VA