Paige Larson

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Paige Larson
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Name:Paige Larson
Gang:Iron Shepherds


Enforcer, warrant, Committed, Veteran from the Seattle Anarchs


Paige Larson is an 11th generation Gangrel born and Raised in Mountain View, California. In 2014 she was embraced by her blood brother before her sketchy origins had her moving Northwest to live in Vancouver Canada.

With an iffy history she made it her task to find true freedom with actions of compassion and a mindset of Libertas. Of course, the concept of family never hurts.

"Rise like lions after slumber, In unvanquishable number-

Shake your chains to earth like dew, Which in sleep had fallen on you-

Ye are many, They are few"
Further Information
Notable Traits
  • Feathers around her left eye as her beast trait
  • Wears a distinctively decorated leather vest with 'bite me' on the back
Known Timeline

1994 - Born in Mountain view, Ca
2014 - Embraced
2015 - Meets Alistair Dart and begins traveling North West
2018 - Resides in vancouver, BC and joins Anarch movement
2018 - Adopted by Greybeard into lineage
2019 - Adopts Steve (npc) an abandoned UBB Fledgling

  • Is in a running relationship with a member of another Sect, Alistair Dart
  • Shovelhead and childer to now an Unblinded Brotherhood Member
  • Avid dancer in her spare time

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