Papa Beauxdon

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Papa Beauxdon


Sect: Anarch
City: Dallas
Gang: Les Orphelins
Officers Position: Baron of Dallas
Connected, by Popular Acclaim
Loyal, by aiding in the Brooklyn Call to Arms
Preacher, by Popular Acclaim

OOC Information

Player: Nolan Dean
Storyteller: VST
Domain: Dallas

Papabtop.png the gates...



Born on the heels of the last Great War, Beauxdon, grew up learning how to survive off of what was around him. Giving praise to the Saints of his Grandfather, and the ones that came before him. Embraced in '72. Not much is known outside of his close allies, and those he can trust. All that is certain, is he came to Dallas, with his, "Bruh'da Sammy, and Sis'da Agatha," little over a decade ago.

Notable Traits and Oddities

Having pension for Contracts, and Bargains. Finding true pleasure in the wording.

That and his eyes, seemingly glossed over with a fog of death. Much like a corpses eyes. Least thats how it was before one was plucked out, and never healed back. His Canine were punched out, and he would appear to be fangless. But don't let that fool ya, this kindred still knows how to bite. He has a notable Limp that was not there, a few months ago.

Known Associates

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Known Childer

Open Hostilities

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  • "Oh Pops, always got his hands in as many pies as he can reach. And he still finds time to have witty banter, if you can get past the swamp accent. Still, can't say I want to ever be in a society where he isn't floating around. Be careful when you mess with The Orphans kids!" - Samuel Jones
  • "Ever met a man made for contracts? Well now you have." - Agatha Bishop
  • "Oh, yeah my bradah from another madah that mon is super in touch with the LOA I sware he must be a child of Papa Legbah em self at never seen someone walking around with such dead eyes. But such a lively soul dat mon would make a killing if he would sell his gifts." - Black Lilac
  • "Papa is honorable, if quite a character. I was concerned at first at his 'joie de vivre', so to speak, which spoke of someone who took less care for the Masquerade than I preferred, but ultimately he was quite discrete. (I think he enjoyed getting a rise out of me - not even Elders of the Movement are safe from a little Elder Baiting now and again. Mine is a sect that necessitates a sense of humor.)
"All the same, if you want him to avoid using zombies to solve a problem, it may be necessary to say so directly." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "Never break your word to the boogeyman." - Alice
  • "Your quote here." - name

Rumor Mill

  • ... do you see the face paint and the hear the accent? Gotta be a Samedi playing Caitiff, right guys?
  • I heard the guys actually a setite hes just trying to steal your heart DONT BE FOOLED!
  • I heard in New Orleans the guy was doing things with the cults down there... You know I would say more but he's got friends in low places.
  • I heard he was forced out of his position as Baron against his will.
  • I heard this guy's lucky, or you maybe it's a matter of the Devil looking after his own.