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Commonly Known

Name: Pascoal

Notable Traits and Features: Elder Tremere of the Camarilla. One can hear the sound of the ocean when in the presence of the Elder.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

Lineage: House Saharat

Known History


It is known that Pascoal Mancio is not this Kindred's first name, but very few can remember what he was once called. With the loss of his mortal name, so too was lost much of the knowledge of who he once was. As far as anyone can tell, the Elder prefers it this way. The name this Elder now bears dates to the Age of Discovery and hails from the Empire of Portugal.

It is well known that he has a fondness for the sea and sailing, and favors locations close to the sea. He gave great support to the Empire of Portugal during its years of exploration and expansion. He went into a depression for a time after the Succession disputes tore down the power Portugal once enjoyed.

In the early 17th Century, Pascoal left the comfort of familiar lands to travel East. He was not heard from for almost a century. After his return in 1715, he continued on as though he had never left. He does not speak of what occurred during those years.

Despite his preference of residence, Elder Pascoal is currently located in Dallas, Texas. He is the Elder of the House and Clan Tremere in his Domain, though there are rumors of another, older Tremere in Dallas.

He is known to tutor and train neonates of any Clan, so long as they are openly supportive of the Camarilla and its values.

In Recent Nights: Since 2009, Pascoal has been focused on regaining the ground lost by the Clan's former Primogen.

On May 24th, 2018, Elder Aiden Gagnon announced in the Dallas Elysium that Elder Pascoal had met Final Death. He hosted a Symbel in honor of the Kindred.

Knowledge Known to House and Clan



  • "The sea sings to us. Tonight she sings a song that brings the storm." ~ Pascoal
  • "Only a poor man breaks his cup, then complains of thirst." ~ Pascoal
  • "I am but a single feather on the Raven's wing." ~ Pascoal
  • "The Tremere do not go on strike" ~ Pascoal
  • "In order for your belief to matter, someone must choose not to believe." ~ Pascoal
  • "Once every few decades, you meet a man whom practices what he preaches. This is the type of man I can trust, as far as one can trust a fellow Tremere. But the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." ~ Övé Háskell
  • "A well oiled cog of the machine that is House and Clan. In any case, we have an interesting relationship, he and I." ~ Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "Intelligent and Loyal. I could ask for nothing more in a childe, and yet, he continues to give" ~ Meliora
  • "I myself never had a fondness for the sea, but hearing tales of this ancient mariner does spark my interest as what lies within its depths." ~ Sébastien Delacroix
  • "Pascoal, Pascoal, Pascoal. He has learned his lessons well, this one. Ah, but the tales he tells. Pain writ large across an open canvas, scars left in the pigment. But it's those scars that make the man, hmm?" - Caterina Salazar
  • "I think the Elder Pascoal shall be a litmus test on basic understanding and knowledge for Tremere. What scholar and magic user doesn't know Latin ?!? Apparently , enough ..." - Channon
  • "Any elder that knows who you are before you know them is a kindred to be afraid of." - James Miller
  • "He often looks at me in an odd manner due to his lack of linguistic aptitude. Yet, he seems kind, and he is certainly one of God's children and a force within the Camarilla." - Enzo DuBois
  • "Blood of my blood. He is more like me than he realizes. That you do not understand what this means will be your undoing." - Saharat
  • "I hope to never break his trust, as I respect him very much. He's a fair and noble man, even if he's a formidable presence." - Noah Bauer
  • "One would do well not to cross Pascoal. You would not see him frown, nor express his displeasure. His vengeance would come to you so far disconnected that no one could ever tie it to him. You, and you alone, would know." - Adrien Reynard
  • "You gotta admire a guy who can intimidate in another language. Like, doesn't even speak the same tongue as you and still manages to give off extreme displeasure. Hat's off to you sir." - Samuel Jones
  • "Dos who be hat'n on de Tremere, truely hav never seen da mon in action. Truly his leadership and demeanor is enough, to make you face down de damn devil to get em wha he wants... And my bones tell meh wha de Mon wan he get." - Black Lilac
  • "Hans sinn er en labyrint og hans magi er sterk. Barnet til min stjålne datter er en verdig Kindred." - Olaf

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  • Pascoal is a Ravnos who managed to con his way into the Tremere. This is patently untrue, of course, but some voices still whisper nonsense.
  • Pascoal survived the sinking of the RMS Lusitania. More than that, it is rumored he was involved, perhaps even responsible.
  • Pascoal was embraced, not because Meliora wanted him, but because she was told to do so. She has since ordered him to embrace, regardless of whether he was willing to.
  • Pascoal was seen laughing in Dallas! Once! He is capable of laughter!
  • Pascoal is unusually nice to the Caitiff in the Dallas domain...
  • Pascoal may be having an affair with a certain Prince...


House Lineage

  • Goratrix
    • Therimna
      • Saharat
        • Meliora
          • Pascoal Mancio
            • Sarah Celeste Ashwood
            • Asar
              • Sterling
                • Lucas Pope
                  • Lawrence

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