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About the Author

Innate Status

Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla.

Fleeting Status

Favored by the Established Elder Kincaid.
Loyal by the Noble Elder Madame Harpy Collins.
Honorable by the Authority of the Elder Prince of Austin, Olaf Magnusson.
Favoured by the Established Luminary Elder Archivist.
Honorable by the Prominent Luminary Elder Archivist.

Notable Traits
Patience is hardly remarkable. She is somewhat frumpy and mousy, with wavy black hair and large glasses frames obscuring much of her face, a theme she continues with overlarge clothing that swallows her and obscures her figure. The most notable thing about her is that she still appears to breathe and fidget, clinging to her mortal habits as the faint flush clings to her cheeks. Typically seen with her sister, Constance Benette.

In the Margins


  • "A very forthcoming and intelligent young lady. She and her sister have already been ever so helpful to me and I hope to return the favor in spades... Perhaps the ladies would accept the offer of a makeover." - Vivienne Stanwyck
  • "Patience is very smart. I've always looked up to her. She mixes up words a lot, but it's not because she doesn't know them. They just sound different than they look, you know?" - Constance Benette
  • "Patience is a virtue, but constant is the watch." - Charles Blaine
  • "Ord ringer til denne unge jenta. Madness virvler dem om og hvisker hemmeligheter i øret hennes, ber om å bli funnet og løs i verden. Hun finner og frigjør disse ordene for godt eller dårlig." - Olaf
  • "What an absolutely surprise. I look forward to getting the little minx much better." - Vengeance
  • "The narrow minded within the tower would seek to use Ms. Benette for her insightful gifts when the truth of the matter is she offers much much more to those with the. . . patience to discover it." - Xavier Langston
  • "Can't rightly say what I'd do without her these days. She knows what it is to see too much. She knows what it is to not be able to stop seeing." - Tamara Rose Linden
  • "Your quote." - Your Name
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  • She's not even Kindred, the fact that she's treated like one is a Malkavian Prank.
  • Whenever someone mixes Patience and Constance up, they switch places.
  • The sisters are independently wealthy heiresses to a craft store fortune.
  • Rumors? What rumors?

We are one within a dream / So hold me close and count the stars with me / All our scattered memories, / I will find the pieces, one by one
I was left to my own devices / Many days fell away with nothing to show / And the walls kept tumbling down / In the city that we love
Because a vision softly creeping / Left its seeds while I was sleeping / And the vision that was planted in my brain / Still remains / Within the sound of silence
These dreams they pass me by / This salvation I desire / Keeps getting me down / 'Cause we need to / Recognise mistakes / For time and again

"Cry, Trojans, cry! lend me ten thousand eyes, And I will fill them with prophetic tears."
"My Inner Eye sees past your brave face to the troubled soul within. And I regret to say that your worries are not baseless. I see difficult times ahead for you, alas… most difficult… I fear the thing you dread will indeed come to pass… and perhaps sooner than you think…"
"You're the one who says books have to be heavy because the whole world's inside of them."

Player: Cristina Brewis
MES Number: US2013020040
Location: Austin, TX
This Wiki is for a fictional character to be played in the Mind's Eye Society Masquerade game. All resemblance to a person, real or fictional, is unintentional.
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Patience Benette

Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Austin
Player: Cristina B.
VST: Austin C/A/I VST