Patrick O'Keefe

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Commonly Known to Kindred Society

Name: Patrick O'Keefe

Notable Traits:

Society: The Anarch Movement

Clan: Ventrue

Lineage: House Nova
Grandchilde of Regina Quinn
Grandchilde of Ansgär Svendsen
Childe of Marcella of Naples
Childe of Mithras


Mortal Biography In progress

Vampiric Biography In progress

Rumors Heard by Kindred Society

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  • Mr. O'Keefe has proven himself a pleasure to work with, and someone who enjoys wading into chaos and finding order. Or at the very least finding a damn good time. Take it from me, the second is even more valuable a life skill for a Ventrue." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "My young cousin has a distinct manner of always maintaining a level head, a trait that will serve the movement well in the coming nights as the accords pass from being." - Pieter Solodovnikov
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Commonly Known Associates amongst Kindred Society

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