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Things to know Patriot.png

Clan: Gangrel
Generation Ancilla

Sect: Anarch


  • Lion of the Cause
  • Moniker as a founding member of Cero Miedo.
  • Thug
  • Connected
  • Hardcore

Description: Rabble Rouser. Madman. Anarchist. Murderer. Patriot has been called all of these things and more. A man of small stature, raggedy clothes and poor social skills, Patriot is easily mistaken for the lowest of the homeless population. His red eyes, quick temper and loud voice quickly reveal him as something more. Since joining the movement, Patriot has been a story whispered in the dark bars of many anarch domains, a wildman warrior for the ideals that his friends hold.

Patriot Quotes.png

Patriot Rumors.png

  • Despite appearances, he is the mastermind behind the gang
  • Add rumors here.


Clan: Gangrel
Generation: Ancilla
Domain: Desoto, Mo.
Player: James Schmames
VST: Desoto, Mo. VST

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