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Born to Gabriella "Banes Arrow" in 1990, Paul's life was not one of happiness. The middle child and male his mother did not treat him well. He was lucky that Mama Fannon and her farm was a safe place for him. He was smart and worked to graduate quickly from high school. As he was set to graduate his mother informed him he would move to live with another sept, as he was to marry a young Warrior to help create more Warriors for Gaia. Paul rebelled, running away after his mother put him through a wall. Nothing was heard from him until 2015 when he returned to San Antonio, a Pediatrician hoping to restart his life with his sister Artemis since his mother was no longer around.

After watching some of his closest friends die, while trying to chase down a moon beam Paul had his first change.

1990 - Born in San Antonio
2005 - Graduated from High school Early, left home without telling parents
2007 - Started school at University of Pittsburg
2014 - Finished Pediatric Residency University of Pittsburg
2015 - Moved to San Antonio to Start Pediatric Practice
2018 - Had his first change on April 28th, 2018

Notable Traits
Soothing Presence

"I vaguely recall him from my time on the farm, he was much younger than me and tended to follow Ma around. I don't know what happened in the intervening years, but he certainly became damn useful. Quicker with a cleansing rite than I've seen in some Garou." --Maeve of the Painted Heart
"I took that boy in and I don't regret it. Even now that he's grown and long since taller than these old bones I'd still stand in front of him should danger crawl his way. No soul so gentle should ever have to feel fear, but he came out the other side just as kind as he ever was." Josephine Fannon
"Holy cow, when did Li'l Paulie get so big? Or so smart for that matter? A lot of the Sanctum overlook how useful the kin can be, but whether he's cleansing me or treating my kids, the man pulls more than his own weight." Gordon Fannon
"I trust him and Yuletide with my child and life . There is no greater honor that a Fenrir kin can give." Sylvi Anker
"Yeah, he's my older brother, and he takes care of me.... but if you harm a single fucking hair on his head, I'll take care of him." Artemis
"Elected alpha of a mixed fera garou pack... never in my wildest flights of fancy would I have thought to live to see such a thing. I appreciated his input at the kinfolk meeting during the Concolation. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the future." Catalin Corbeanu
"When many of my sisters say 'he's a good man,' there's a bit of a pejorative in there, as men are not judged by the same standards as women. Paul is sensitive, caring, and strong in a world where those things are considered mutually exclusive in men. When I say he is a good man, I judge him by the same standards as I would any of my sisters. Thanks to him, I have hope for the world yet." "Yiayia" Sofia Giannopoulos
"I have a lot of common and deep grounds with Paul. Ifhe ever needs a favor, all he has to do is ask." Priscilla Lamnidae
"I like him. He has shown me much of medicine and science, and like the kinfolk I have known before, taught me some about his culture and people's history just by watching him. I shall miss his teachings." Ghost-in-the-Woods
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