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"There are no tough guys in wrestling."

-"Macho Man" Randy Savage

Name: Paula Danger

Deed Name: Luchador of Loud

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Galliard/Apex

Fera: Ajaba

Sept: Sept of Reborn Dreams, San Francisco CA

The Road to Paulamania

1980: Born in Queens, NY to parents who immigrated from South Africa. Her mother worked as a Zoo Veterinarian who specializes in African Species. Her father was a writer and news reporter. Paula took to growing up in an Urban Jungle like a fish to water. She socialized well with others, her wit and humor crafted from the bitter sarcasm of other New Yorkers, and her appetite for Television seemed completely insatiable. She became a religious viewer of every wrestling show ever broadcasted. At the advent of the internet, she found a potential to find even more people who share that same interest and started contacting promotions in her Tri-state area.

Her parents never hid from her about what she was and the changes that were going to happen to her. She felt alone in the sense she couldn’t talk about being a creature of myth and legend with anyone until she started to train. That is where she first met others of her kind directly. At first, Paula trained to be on the mat. She worked out, learned to take blows to the face, and got tutored in grappling. She had to go to a local “gym” (some strange dude’s garage in Northern NJ) as it was the 1990’s and no high schools had programs for girls to wrestle at the time. She first met a Red Talon called “Scrags”. Paula and Scrags had a purely sarcastic, salty, shit-talking repertoire. In other words, they were the best of friends. Paula never had any talent when it came to making moves in the ring, but Scrags saw a completely different possibility with her, one that would match her acid tongue with her heart for the showmanship of Professional Wrestling. He encourages Paula to manage and promote wrestlers. She took the mic and never looked back since.

1996: Paula was sent to Johannesburg, South Africa when she was nearly sixteen. That was the first time she met her Ajaba family in person. This was both a culture shock and an extremely life-changing experience for her as she had to learn a whole different side of herself. She had to learn how to be a hyena and faced the bitter truths of why her parents chose to leave South Africa. Being of Dutch descent, she did not blend in well with the rest of her family and felt she had to do more to prove herself. In her first rite of passage, she was tasked to hunt an Impala. She was determined to do this herself and bears the scar of an antler across her belly as a reminder of her success.

1998: After working small time local promotions in New Jersey and PA, Paula’s is determined to manage wrestlers in the Southern States as the backbone of old-school regional wrestling is uniquely developed in states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida. She decides to skip going to college in favor of trying to be a Manager for Wrestlers. She lives out of her car and will talk to nearly anyone who would listen to her.

2008: Tokyo, Japan: Paula dreamed about seeing wrestling in the Tokyo Dome and decided to sign up with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Because she did not speak Japanese, her movements became more animated when she spoke in the ring.

2010: Mexico City, Mexico: Earns the moniker “Luchador of Loud” and her rank as Fostern by completing a challenge assigned by an Aroun to lead a fight without once touching the target. Paula called in another Fera luchador and set up a match between him and the opponent. She managed from the sidelines, coached her champion and not once laid a hand on her opponent. Paula amused the Aroun who challenged her in leading chants for the wrestling match, insulting the referees, and slipping a chair or two into the ring to give her fighter an upper hand.

2013: Paula comes back to the US and starts working with Promotions in Los Angeles, CA that are affiliated to the Luchadors she managed in Mexico. She does her first US National Tour with a Wrestling Promotion. She sees the inside of a motel in all 48 continental US states.

2015: Paula ends her tour and starts to work a hot, young promotion in San Francisco.

A Bad Ass Baby Face

Hyena at Home
  • Overall Appearance: In Homid, she dresses and wears her hair in whatever way her mood takes her. Sometimes she gets really showy, sometimes she is in sweats looking ready to stand around in a gym to watch other people work out. Most of what she owns is merchandise from wrestling and she will have at least one wrestling-related piece of swag on her at all times.
  • Creature Features: In her Hyena forms, she has unusually fuzzy ears and a bushy tail.
  • Tattoos: She will show you the lips on her ass if you get testy with her.
  • Scars: A messy line from under her right breast, across her gut and ending at her left hip from being gored by an Impala. She will tell you it was delicious once it stopped moving.

What the Jabronies Say

(Feel free to add/invent any you may have heard.)

  • She is really the long lost daughter of Fran Drescher

Screaming in the Mic

This Stable is More than Able


(Feel free to add quotes)

  • "Memory, everything begins from there...For me memory has to enter through the listen means to move your lips, your feet, articulate your face, stretch your throat, learn to become the inststament of your own memory, as if you were looking for a piece of music on a guitar." - Dario Fo
  • "My mother once said if there was a Spirit of Noise, I would put the poor bastard out of business."- Paula
  • "..." -Memento Mori while standing quietly and smiling next to Paula, letting her do all the talking.
  • "Paula is very loud. I know some think her silly, but that is because they only hear words, and hers are very human. But while some words are heavy, her words are uncommonly easy to lift up and look underneath. And when you do, what you see is, 'We are together. Together we are strong enough. I believe in you.' How can anyone think that is bad?" -Lines of Light
  • "She understands what Galliards are meant for in ways that not many Homids do, but has taken a thoroughly human path to this understanding. She fascinates me. I hope to see more of her. I do not need help hearing her though." -Duskcaller

The Kayfabe behind the Main Event



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Player: Tanya Telson
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Storyteller: Ami Lovelace
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Location: San Francisco, Ca

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